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Jar of Awesome

An alternative to your mom's fridge, for sharing all your proudest moments.

What’s in your Jar of Awesome?

A Jar of Awesome is an easy way to collect and look back at all our accomplishments, big or small, that we too quickly forget. For grown-ups and not-so-grown-ups, families and teams, there’s always room for more awesomeness.
Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ , and Khe Hy’s systematization of the idea

"What you appreciate, appreciates."
– Lynne Twist

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Jar of Awesome
We launched The Rad Studio!
Surfing in Hawai’i
The Daddy-Daughter Dance

“Re-reading the Jar of Awesome will become one of the most joyful parts of your week. You see the full picture of accomplishments.” – Khe Hy



This Jar of Awesome was inspired by , the creator of and , a 4-week, live, cohort-based course that helps highly-skilled professionals get more done without working longer hours or hacking together tools.
The next cohort starts May 2022.

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