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How to Dao
How to Dao

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Session 2


Read the DAOhaus docs pages: , and
Read at least one of the following articles:

Watch at least one talk from the recent
conference. A couple of recommendations:

Session 2: Introduction to DAOhaus

Our guest experts for this session:

Kevin Owocki () is the founder of Gitcoin, whose mission is to empower communities to build and fund open source public goods. In May, Gitcoin launched the GTC token and the Gitcoin DAO — two crucial components allowing Gitcoin to decentralize and build an equitable protocol for funding open source development. Kevin has a BS in Computer Science and 15 years of engineering leadership experience in Open Source Software and Web Startups.
Featuring Kevin:

Samuel B 'Bau' () is an experienced product designer and content writer with a passion to drive change and substantive value to anyone who comes in contact with products he works on. His background in blockchain includes working as a data analyst for Celsius, and he is currently a designer for Raid Guild. His work with DAOhaus includes onboarding new DAOs into the ecosystem, and writing content to translate the mission and vision of DAOs across the wider ecosystem.
By Bau:

Shares and loot

A reminder:
Shares = voting rights (enabling you to vote on DAO proposals) + economic rights (enabling you to ragequit a proportionate share of each token in the DAO's treasury)
Loot = economic rights only


Burns a certain number of Shares and/or Loot in exchange for a proportionate share of each ERC-20 token in the DAO's main treasury. Note, there is no claim on tokens (ERC-20s or NFTs) in side-vaults (Safes).

Proposal types

Request shares for tokens: Request shares from the DAO in exchange for ERC-20 tokens
Request shares for work completed: Request shares from the DAO by showing finished work (shares and/or tokens)
Whitelist a new token: Create a proposal to add a new token to the DAO treasury
Guild kick: Create a proposal to kick a member (a forced ragequit)
Membership proposal/Funding proposal/Swap tokens for loot or shares (these are functionally equivalent, they just have different UI skins): tribute in, shares/loot/tokens out. They are a superset of Request shares for tokens and Request shares for work completed.
Loot grab: in development
Signal proposal: no tribute in, no shares/loot/tokens out

Stages of a proposal

From the :
1. Submit Proposal
Anyone, even non-members, can submit proposals to the DAO.
2. Sponsor Proposal
After submitting a proposal, it will enter the Unsponsored Proposals section. This means someone with shares (which could be you) must Champion the proposal in order for it to be moved to voting.
Note: You can sponsor your own Proposal, but it is recommended that you have another member sponsor it so they can make sure you have filled out the proposal with the correct information and you get the result you intended for.
Only members can 'Sponsor' the proposal, sending it to the Queue.
3. In Queue
Once the proposal has been sponsored it will enter the Queue. The queue ensures proposals are funneled to voting in an orderly fashion. One proposal will go from the queue to the Voting Period in a time-frame specified by the summoners of your DAO.
4. Voting Period
Once in the Voting Period, members can now vote on the proposal. Every proposal has an 'x' amount of time in the voting period where it must receive more Yes than No votes to pass.
5. Grace Period
Voting is over, and the Proposal is set to pass or fail depending on the votes cast during Voting. Members who voted No, and have no other pending Yes votes, can ragequit during this period.
6. Ready for Processing
Next, the proposal is sent to Processing in which the vote is time stamped on-chain.
7. Completed
After being processed, the proposal is marked as Completed, and all shares, funds or outcomes are executed as specified in the proposal. All outcomes of a proposal that affect you can be viewed by clicking your Address (top right) and selecting View Member Profile.

Intro to Boosts

The Community tab of the Boosts marketplace

Discord Notifications

An example notification from the Discord Notifications boost
"Customise and send notifications of your DAO’s activity to your Discord server with this boost. With Discord notifications, keep your DAO members involved and updated whenever there are new proposals to vote, sponsor or process."

Discourse Forum

"This boost helps your DAO integrate with and create a forum via Discourse -- a widely-used open source forum platform. With each proposal, the Boost automatically creates a forum post [in the Discourse forum at], so that DAO members can have long-form and in-depth discussions for the decisions that matter."

Safe Minion

"This operation will deploy a new Minion and Gnosis Safe for your DAO, and will give your DAO full control over the Safe's assets and transactions."
Safes can contain both ERC-20 tokens and NFTs. Assets in Safes are not part of ragequits.


Regular events are an essential part of almost every DAO, and sesh is the best calendar bot for Discord.
Bau running sesh's !list command in the DAOhaus Discord


For the DAO you created in the session 1 homework:
Create a Safe, send some WXDAI to the Safe and then transfer the WXDAI to the DAO's main treasury
Create a Discord server and:
Set up the Discord Notifications boost and submit a proposal to check it's working
, create an event (using !create or the sesh dashboard) and import the calendar of events using !link
Create an NFT on and send it to the (Safe address 0xb2407f07d350e6223b55af6418b7c0e598fd2935) – remember it will be forever associated with your wallet address, so make something cool, or at least not something you'll regret!

Session 2 recording

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