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Agile Organization and Objective Key Result

Certainly, it's perfectly common and useful to integrate the North Star Metric (NSM) with the OKR framework, even for non-profit or educational organizations like a university student organization. While the NSM concept is often associated with product teams or businesses, it can be applied to any organization that has a core mission or value it delivers to its constituents.
In the context of a university student organization, the main objective (or the NSM) could be something like "enhancing the value of student participation in the organization". This broad, over-arching goal speaks to the value students derive from their involvement in the organization and can be quantified by a specific metric like student engagement, the rate of participation in activities, or satisfaction levels, etc.
Agile Organizations and OKRs can help address the issue at hand, the declining interest of students in university organizations.
Agile Organizations in this context would involve adapting quickly to changing student needs and trends. This could involve:
Frequent feedback: Regularly survey students about their needs and interests, and how the organization can deliver value to them.
Quick iterations: Implement changes based on the feedback in a timely manner. Use the feedback to drive changes in the organization's activities and programs.
Cross-functional teams: Encourage collaboration between different teams within the organization. This can lead to more innovative ideas and programs.
Objective and Key Results (OKRs) would then be used to implement and measure these changes. For example, an OKR for the organization could be:
Objective: "Increase the perceived value of participation in our organization for students."
Key Results:
"Increase the rate of student participation in our activities by 20%."
"Improve student satisfaction levels with our activities by 30%."
"Implement at least three changes suggested by students in our activities."
Using Agile and OKRs in this way can help the organization to respond quickly to student needs, and to measure the effectiveness of these changes in a clear and quantifiable way. This, in turn, can help increase the attractiveness and perceived value of the organization for students.
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