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For the upswingers that work outside of Romania these benefits may varry depending on the country they live in.
Have you heard about those companies whose benefits include
It seems so generous, but there’s also a catch: you can’t leave the office.
Consider the free dinner for employees who stay late. How is staying late a benefit?
At Upswing, we’re having none of that. Not just because we don’t require anyone to physically come to the office to work, but because we don’t like fake benefits.
We look at benefits as a way to help people get away from work and lead healthier, more interesting lives. Benefits that actually benefit them, not the company.
Although the company clearly benefits, too, from having healthier, more interesting and rested upswingers.
Not a single benefit aimed at trapping people at the office. Not a single benefit that would make someone prefer to be at work rather than at home. Instead many reasons to close the laptop at a reasonable hour so that there’s time to learn, cook, work out, and live life with family and friends.

Remote-first company (with office space)

We’re now a remote-first company. That means we designed our processes so we can do our work from anywhere, and we’re not expected to work from the office anymore. But we do have an office
. And anyone can use it, whenever they need to, be it because they need a place to work or a place to meet.

Top 10% salaries

We monitor industry salaries annually and make sure we’re paying in the top 10%, based on skills and experience, for every position at the company. Salaries are standardized on the Bucharest market - this means that no matter where you live in Romania, you’ll get paid at Bucharest market rates.

Salary in advance

You can take up to 50% of your salary in advance and you can directly request it with an email to & your manager in CC. If you need more than 50% you’ll have to first talk to your manager.

Medical insurance for you and your kid/s

. Please contact if they don’t respect the times.
which offers us the possibility to access other clinics/doctors if Medicover doesn’t respect their SLA, following that they (Medicover) will settle the extra payments after. Please contact before using this option.

Sodexo card

In addition to the salary, we have 150RON / month on Sodexo card. You can find more details about
& you can use the money. You can also download the
to see your balance and other details.

Paid leave days

We currently have 25.5 paid leave days / year (21 by default, 3.5 from and 1 for your birthday) + all legal holidays.

Home office setup

MacBook laptop + ergonomic set-up, desk & chair, headphones. See our .

Learning resources

We have a fat list of learning resources that can help you become a better professional, cultivate your hobbies or just fill your time with something interesting. Bookster account, unlimited books, Masterclass account, you name it.
Plus 7 half-day workshops from Half learnin’ half chillin’ program.

Other perks

Discount partnerships
, , ,
Old, deprecated inventory
Once every year we run a process for purging old and unnecessary workstations. That starts with publishing the list of devices that can be bought by the team members at 50% of the current market price (for second hand device). The devices that are not claimed by anyone are being donated to poor children.

Common sense

And while this is not a formal benefit, we encourage 40-hour work weeks. I only make this point since our industry is perverted and often asks people for regular longer hour hour weeks + regular pushes on weekends. We don’t want people working more than 40 hours a week in any sustained fashion.
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