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Welcome to QME

We help freelancers and SMBs unleash the power of Coda.

👋 Hi! I’m Quentin, hydropower engineer for 12 years, passionate about mountains, trail-running and... Coda of course!
I create docs that are as powerful as apps in English or French, helping you enjoy all the power and possibilities offered by Coda.

Transform any workflow in Coda

Tasks lists, project management, CRMs, dashboards, shop management, industrial or business workflows...
Everything can be transformed by Coda, and my job is to help you reach your goals!

My passion about tools creation and background in VBA/Excel/C# models & data management as an Engineer & Project Manager led me to launch QME.
We help you translate processes and workflows into unique Coda docs. This includes:
Document organization and database structure creation
User friendly dashboards, improving your team involvement and informations sharing, user management, and personalized displays
Automations and buttons, giving you back lots of time within your day-to-day work
Dynamic visualization of your data


A special attention to the user interface

The structure of the data and the processes are the core of your future document, but even more important is that you and your team are happy using it.
I pay special attention to the user interface when helping clients, making sure interfaces are clean, your team has “personal views”, and processes and buttons are as clear as possible.

A strong presence in

Spending a lot of time in the Coda Community Forum, I’ve solved a lot of cases, and received very enthusiastic feedback from the community.
Sharing advice and solutions has given me the opportunity to understand a wide set of issues or processes.
It allows me to practice helping others using Coda on a daily basis, and convert vague ideas to full workflows.

What clients say about QME work

“Quentin has been working on a project with us for about a couple weeks now. His ingenuity and creativity in a doc is boundless and his pursuit of solutions cannot be hindered”

“Quentin has a very deep understanding of Coda, he was able to solve a very complex problem in a very short time and right away. I've been developing in Coda extensively for over a year, yet his solution was something I would never have thought of.”

A few shared doc I have created

A full tutorial to create colored maps to display your geographical data !
My Blog : Day to Day Tips & Trick for Coda !
A deep true like Document Process Review doc

Reach out to discuss your projects!

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