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Why do we use Slack?

While there is a time and place for email, sometimes you have a simple question with a quick answer or want to share and collaborate in real-time. Especially when working remotely and with teams based in different time zones. Slack is also a good place for a chat or sharing something non-work related since it's nice to build relationships with others in the team outside of just talking about partners!

How to use Slack

Before we go on, a word of warning, Slack is a great tool to keep connected. But there are times when other methods of communication are preferable.
Email, Front discussions or comments in Process Street will be a better medium for anything:
where an action is required of another person
when you need to communicate with someone outside of Quantico

Slack will usually be a good bet for anything:
Quantico-related or not-at-all work related
to be communicated with the broader team
for quick questions

Slack can be distracting, and things can be hard to follow up on, so think carefully before reaching out on Slack.



Most of our Slack channels are accessible by anyone at Quantico, you can check out the Channel browser to see a catalogue of all public channels and see below a description of our frequently used channels.


These are channels that you can only access by invitation - all partner channels should be set to private!
Quantico Slack Channels

More info & cool features

- in most channels, reply to messages in threads to avoid messy conversations that are hard to follow.
- we have a few customised responses for common questions, try sending “quantico wifi” and “backup number” in any channel
- use @here or @channel to notify everyone in a channel
- you can also mark messages as unread, similar to email, to come back to them later

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