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Process Street


Why do we use Process Street?

Even with the best intentions, it would be difficult for one person to remember all the deadlines, coordinate several people and juggle the ad-hoc requests across 4-5 companies.
This is where a process management tool helps - with each process broken down into tasks, each with a specific assignee and deadline. If you use Process Street well, the BAU should be a breeze, leaving you time to work on the value add work that makes a real difference to our partners.
Also, when working in a team spread across different continents and time zones, good documentation with responsibilities clearly defined will make it so much easier to collaborate.

How to use Process Street

Every recurring process we complete partners should be documented in Process Street with every task allocated an assignee and due date. Whether it's a process we run weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, you need to use Process Street to manage the work.
Process Street will provide you with a to-do list for each day, detailing how to complete each task. It has the functionality to chat in comments if you need support from someone else in the team or from the partner (if they have been invited to use the workflow).
Some workflows are very standard, so you can use the templates we have already created, but some more specific workflows will need to be set up from scratch. Process Street makes it simple to add content to tasks so you can include all the information required to complete each step. There is also functionality to add dynamic due dates and assignees, meaning you can change those every time a workflow runs.
While working with Process Street everyday, you have the option to snooze tasks to align deadlines with the days you work on partners or reflect changing priorities. You can reassign them to yourself or others where responsibilities change. You always have the flexibility to manage your own workload, as long as you are not missing the external deadlines.

Process Street terms:

Workflow - this is the template you create documenting the process
Workflow run - this is created from the template for each time you complete the process
Task - a task is a step in a workflow

Process Street navigation:

- here you will see all tasks and workflow runs assigned to you. One page with everything due, or overdue, then another page with everything coming up
- here you can see all your outstanding workflow runs and can create filters to only see particular partners or workflows
- here you access the workflows, organised into folders for each partner


Every repeating process needs a workflow
Every task in each workflow needs an assignee and has to have a due date
All workflows for regularly repeating processes should be to recur, either using the Schedule in Process Street or Zapier
Every workflow should be updated regularly to keep up with any changes in the process


- hide tasks that don’t apply based on answers to dropdown form fields
- set due dates based on form fields, checklist start date, checklist due date and when the previous task was checked off
- dynamically setting an assignee based on the roles in the “Members” or “Email” form fields
- a powerful way to pre-fill variables based on form fields
- trigger a workflow from an event in another app, or automate actions based on events in Process Street

Tips for good process documentation

Make use of dynamic assignees - it will make things so much easier when there are handovers
Dynamic due dates can help align your tasks with the days of the week that you work on partners
Dynamic due dates can also be used to manage deadlines where they are dependent on other tasks being completed
Provide additional context to each task so that we are not just blindly following steps
At the end of any tricky tasks, consider adding a subtask that can be used to check that it has been completed correctly
Think about the various stages of the process and structure it accordingly
Consider a narrated video walkthrough on Loom to show how to complete a task

More info & cool features

You can bulk snooze and check off tasks from your inbox
Use the to make sure you never miss any comments or replies from colleagues

Tutorials and help pages

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