Building blocks of a Quantico Partner team


We’re consultants not employees. Being a part of the team doesn’t mean being an employee. When a founder hires an employee they actually make more work for themselves, they have to decide what work they’ll do and how to train them. When they hire Quantico we take the problem away completely. Ultimately it’s our partners who will make the final decisions, on anything impacting the finance function we’ll always have an opinion.
Give your partners the choice. We work with fast-growth businesses. That means three things: (i) a lot of our work is building for the future, (ii) our workload generally increases over time and (iii) our partners have high expectations. These three things naturally combine to put increasing time pressure on our work. Where there are improvement projects to be done always give your partner a choice between fast progress and more days in the scope, or slower progress and a lower cost. Do not try to do more work in less time. It leads to declining standards and more mistakes.
Look ahead. Part of our job is to plan ahead. What will the business look like in 3, 6, 12 months from now? What will the finance function need to look like to support it? If you don’t know these answers to these questions, find out.
Become part of the team. The better you know your partner’s business and team, the better you will be able to support them. Taking the time to get to know people and socialising is not downtime or being lazy, it’s part of the job.
Get help when you need it. Help is there when you need it, but it is up to you to identify when it is needed and to ask for it. Part of our value proposition is that you are able to leverage experience from across our team. If you have asked for help and it is not being provided promptly or adequately then raise it.

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