Quantico software stack

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Why so many systems?

Before we look at the core systems we use at Quantico, we should clarify why there seem to be so many.
It would be great if a single system existed with all the features needed to simultaneously run the FinOps functions of several companies. But, until we maybe build one ourselves, there just isn’t anything out there that does everything really well.
So instead, we look for the systems that provide the best solutions and functionality for each of our requirements. Then, using their native integrations or by building our own, we have designed a software stack that works for us!
For example;
When a prospect converts to becoming a partner by signing our terms of business, it triggers a notification in Slack, a Process Street checklist, creates a Resource Guru “client” and “project” and emails a GoCardless direct debit mandate
When someone books a holiday in Resource Guru, a row is created is Google Sheet to track the holiday balance and notifies #time_off in Slack
When an email is tagged in Front, it autoforwards to Dext

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