Building blocks of a Quantico Partner team

FinOps Manager

Chief problem solver and architect of complex financial systems and processes
A FinOps Manager is someone who...
Is confident in financial operations and understands how data and processes flow throughout an organisation.
Designs bespoke financial processes that match the requirements of their partners.
Communicates and documents those processes in a way that makes it easy for others in the team to succeed.
Reviews work performed by the team and takes overall responsibility for the output.
Can confidently use financial software used by scale-ups, and has ideas about which solutions are best for each problem.
Provides a viewpoint on systems and data problems across all business functions.
Identifies improvements and efficiencies for finance functions, and works with their partners to prioritise them.

How FinOps Managers work with our partners
Works directly with founders/CFOs as a trusted part of their team, building their business from within
Builds a relationship with their partners that is built on trust and mutual understanding.
Is usually the primary point of contact between Quantico and our partner, and between the our partner's team and their finance function.
Remembers that they are a consultant to their partners and not an employee.
Helps to identify mutually beneficial opportunities for additional projects or up-sells.
Ensures that we get credit for the work that we do, and that our partners are bought in to the decisions that we make.
Communicates expectations to partners around deadlines, priorities and problems.

What a typical week may look like
Managing delivery of Finance and Ops tasks across your partners, typically 3-4 exciting startups. Managing the day-to-day tasks, while pushing forward priority projects to transform their businesses
In their office, or on video calls, work directly with founders/CFOs as a trusted part of their team, building their business from within
Supporting the FinOps Associates, coaching them to improve business processes and developing their own knowledge and understanding
Updating a financial model and ensures it agrees to the underlying data in Xero
Identifying that the expenses reimbursement process currently in place is inefficient and suggesting an alternative.
When a new system is agreed, project managing the implementation

What they don’t do
Know the answers to every possible question
Reconcile bank accounts, post invoices or conduct transactional work unless when onboarding a new partner where the process is not yet well-defined
Refuse to follow the strategy set by management
Avoid having difficult conversations
Act as an employee of their partner
Answer every question from every member of the team on Slack throughout the week

You might hear them say..
“Looking at the budget you’ve set for your company, I’ve worked out the finance systems that we’ll need now and in 12 months time. These are the triggers for when we need to change and this is how much it’ll cost at each stage.”
If someone in the team makes a mistake we all do. Mistakes are inevitable so let’s put in place processes that mean we’ll catch it next time.”
“I don’t have the details of that payment to hand now as [FinOps Associate] manages them day to day. Let me check and get back to you.”
“Part of being good at my job is promoting the interests of our team. That means getting maximum credit for the work we do and identifying opportunities for more work.”
“I involve my partner in decisions on the finance function, but they’re paying for an expert so I always come with a recommendation”
“Based on my experience with other partners in this industry, I’ve got a lot of ideas about how you might want to set up that overseas branch”
“I don’t know how to set up an EMI scheme of the top of my head, but we’ve built up a fantastic internal resource based on our experience with other companies. Let me have a look at that and get back to you.”
You will never hear them say
“Sorry, someone in the team made a mistake because they’re new. I don’t really trust them so I’ll do the work myself next time”
I’m going to do everything on Excel because that’s what I’m used to. I don’t really care about the systems Quantico has invested in.”
“I think we need to do more work on our partner this month, but I’m scared of asking them to pay more. They can be so grumpy.”
“I can’t leave on time tonight because my boss [partner CEO] thinks that I should work late.”
“I’m going to ask my partner whether I can take holiday in July”
“We’re only really here to set up the system, I don’t have a view on financial strategy.”
“Sorry I don’t really want to get to know you [partner team] because I might not be here long”

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