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Why do we use Coda?

Coda combines all the best bits of docs, spreadsheets and databases in one place. It’s a great way to store, organise and share data. It’s a really flexible tool that allows you to build almost anything you need from scratch. It’s also totally collaborative, allowing multiple people to view and edit simultaneously.

How to use Coda

Coda should be the place you first look for information, and also the first place you update when you discover something new.
For each of our partners, we have a "FinOps Wiki” where we keep a record of all their important information (VAT number, Companies House authentication code etc.), as well as a log of all the processes and projects we are working on.
When onboarding a new partner, you should always make sure to complete this information. Then while working with a partner, keeping the Priorities list up to date will help you both keep on top of what is going on with the business.
Internally, we have our Team Handbook with all our policies and information about working at Quantico in Coda, It also serves as our HR and CRM system, helping us manage the team and all our partners.

More info & cool features

- quickly add blank tables or other items, or view templates

Check out more of Coda’s learning resources here:

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