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First off, Bitwarden is the MOST critical system to set up with 2FA (2-factor authentication) so make sure you have this set up to send a code to your email address to log in.
(Email 2FA is best so that you don’t lose access if you ever lose your phone).

Why do we use Bitwarden?

We use this secure password manager for a few different reasons:
You will have too many passwords to remember them all
It’s much safer than keeping them in a spreadsheet or document
We often have shared passwords, either within Quantico or our partner teams
It allows us to utilise 2FA and still share access

All shared passwords for a particular squad or partner will be saved in a . Only the people in that squad or partner team will be granted access to that collection.
There will be some passwords you might not want to share, for example, passwords for your personal partner email addresses, but most passwords will be shared.

How to use Bitwarden

Setting up Bitwarden

Download the browser extension and login
Learn a bit more about how to navigate your Vault in the extension

Using logins

The browser add-on will automatically identify saved logins for sites when you reach the login page and give you the option to autofill
If a login does not appear automatically, try searching for it - it’s then a good idea to update the URL so Bitwarden will autofill next time

Creating logins

When setting up new logins, you can use the Generator it can create secure passwords for you
Every new login you create should be saved in Bitwarden (the browser extension will prompt you to do this)

Sharing logins

By default, saving a login will add it to your personal vault which no-one else (not even an admin) can access. To share with the rest of the organisation, scroll to the very bottom and make sure to change the ownership to Quantico and add to a collection.


If you need to set up 2FA (which should be the case for most systems), you can usually choose the Authenticator option and add the code to the “Authenticator key (TOTP)” option in
Then, when logging in, you can simply Ctrl/Command + V to paste the required code

Important info saved in Bitwarden

Companies House presenter code - our tab with CH that let’s us file confirmation statements without needing to add card details every time
Quantico’s bank details - in case you ever need them

More info & cool features

- great for sending sensitive information or sharing passwords outside Quantico

More useful information and help with Bitwarden can be found here:

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