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Pursuit Sports Performance Gym - New Member Sign-Up

Please review the Terms of Use and Membership Agreement below before completing your member sign-up form. Thanks!

Health Attestation

The Member attests that they are fully able to participate in an exercise regimen of their design or choosing without undue risk. Should you have any health concerns or conditions, please consult your primary care physician before beginning exercise programming.

Open Gym Access

This gym membership agreement entitles the member to access Pursuit Sports Performance facilities so long as all dues are current. Hours and specific location access are as follows for open gym:
7 Days a Week!!
5 am-11 pm, during non-class times (shown below)
Member may access the facility through the front doors during Pursuit Chiropractic’s regular business hours. During non-business hours, access to the facility is granted through the alley doors by use of a unique PIN assigned at the time of this agreement.
Member agrees not to share this PIN information with any non-member and not to allow any non-member access to the gym without specific prior approval.

Class Schedule (effective 7/11)

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 9.21.50 PM.png
Functional Fitness Group Class information:
Classes will be capped at 8 people per class to ensure quality coaching and enough room to train.
Classes will be an hour long and led by a functional fitness coach.
Everyday is different! Though, it will be varied, not random. We will be following programming to incorporate a warm-up, strength portion, a metcon, and accessory work.
“Be An Athlete” Clinic Class Information:
The goal for of these classes is to provide fundamental athletic development to young athletes. These classes are reserved for middle-school aged kids at this time.
To learn more about these classes or sign up, check out the .

Gym Rules and Participation

The Member hereby agrees to abide by all posted safety guidelines and regulations while using Pursuit Sports Performance facilities and equipment.
Additionally, the Member agrees to dress and conduct themselves in a manner deemed appropriate for a fitness facility. The Member shall not consume drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products on Pursuit Sports Performance property.
The Member agrees not to photograph or videotape on Pursuit Sports Performance property. Unless specific permission to do so is granted. Pursuit Sports Performance reserves the right to revoke the Member’s access if these terms are violated.


This gym membership serves as a liability release, pursuant to which the Member agrees to indemnify and hold Pursuit Chiropractic and Sports Performance LLC harmless against any and all claims of loss or damage without limitation.

Gym Membership Cancelation

This gym membership may be cancelled at any time by providing written notice, in person, at Pursuit Sports Performance. If the gym membership contract is cancelled, any dues that have been paid in advance will be refunded and membership will be prorated to the date of cancelation.

Binding Law

This gym membership contract shall be considered binding upon the Member and Pursuit Chiropractic Sports Performance and shall be upheld and enforced in accordance with the laws of Montana. Any legal proceedings related to this gym membership contract shall take place in courts located in Dillon, Montana.

All gym memberships include workout tracking system, programming by , all classes, and your own personal door code access.
Monthly memberships will be charged on the date you submit your payment information and that same date each month.
Annual memberships will also be charged on the date you submit your payment information and that same date the following year. You will receive a 2-week notice before your next charge date.
Membership Cost Breakdown
Annual Cost
Monthly Cost
Individual Monthly
You will be responsible for paying $80/mo.
Individual Annual
You must pay $800 up front at the time of membership start.
Additional Household Member Monthly
You will be responsible for paying $70/mo for this member in addition to your base $80/mo individual monthly membership.
Additional Household Member Annual
You must pay $700 up front at the time of membership start in addition to your base $800/yr individual annual membership.
Whole Family Monthly
You will be responsible for paying $170/mo.
Whole Family Annual
You must pay $1700 up front at the time of membership start.
10 Session Punch Card
You must pay a one-time $100 fee for each 10 sessions in the gym, following these rules:
You will be required to sign in each time you come into the gym via a sign in sheet posted on the wall in the back door’s entryway.
You will receive a personalized door code that will be disabled after 10 sessions.
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If you would like a copy of our Terms of Use, please feel free to download here:
Pursuit Gym Terms of Use.pdf
68 kB
If you haven’t already received a copy of our Waiver in person, please download and sign the document below:
Pursuit Gym Waiver.pdf
74.8 kB
If you agree to the Terms of Use outlined above, please fill out the Member Sign Up form below and check the “I’ve read and agree to the Terms of Use.” button at the end. By filling out this form, we will have all the information we need to get your membership started!

Please be sure to bring in signed copies of the documents above before or upon arrival of your first visit to Pursuit Sports Performance.

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