Voting Guide: San Francisco & California, November 2020

I.e. what to do with the 16 elections and the 25 (!!!) propositions to vote for in SF alone
Voting be like 🗳️

🏠 Philosophy

This voting guide is about local San Francisco/Bay Area/California issues. It’s based on my
pro-housing, transportation, and justice policy lens
to these issues where the “Democratic” or “Republican” positions can be less clear ー and yet day-to-day, local policy deeply impacts how people live and work.

Why trust this guide?
First, if your policy viewpoint aligns to mine, I suspect this guide can be a “shortcut” through the plethora of candidates and ballot measures. Second, I have followed these issues extensively for years and in the Bay Area in particular. I have worked directly on urban technology since 2014 and over the course of that work, met with numerous government officials, community groups, and other interested parties in cities to understand these issues from all sides.

Key policy beliefs:
1. We need more housing across income levels
2. Transportation should be people-first, not car-first.
3. In a just society, anyone irrespective of race, wealth can live freely and access opportunity.
4. Competitive markets and an un-corrupt government can help enable the above.

Please share feedback at
. While I’m using Coda to write this and happen to work there, this is a purely personal project. All views are my own.

Thank you’s

Ling Lin for bouncing ideas and research off each other and pushing me to write this up;
. Some of the propositions titles come from
and SPUR.

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