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Participant's 2023 Handbook


In this course, you will practice main six job behaviours or competencies:

Competency 1: Mapping

Maps the factors, systems and strategies affecting children and their protection
Learning objectives:
Review and adapt 1-2 to your target location.
Assess your knowledge about the policies, legislations and formal institutions of your target location.
Locate the national CP strategy (or equivalent) for your target location.
Determine whether the strategic priorities of UNICEF and UNHCR are addressed in the national child protection strategy (or equivalent) of your target location.

Competency 2: Advocacy

Advocates for the prioritisation of children and their protection within the response plan
Learning objectives:
Identify the current priorities of UNICEF and UNHCR in your target location (if applicable).
Identify potential openings for addressing priority CPHA risk and protective factors within current priorities in your target location.
Prepare a rationale, supported by evidence, for addressing CPHA risk and protective factors.

Competency 3: Programming

Develops a programme to address the protection of children within the response plan
Learning objectives:
Decide which UNICEF and UNHCR objectives and indicators should be included in the programme to address the priority CPHA risk and protective factors of target locations.

Competency 4: Capacity Building

Builds capacity for the protection of children of key stakeholders
Learning objectives:
Identify which performance outcomes staff and partners are struggling to achieve in your target location.
Determine whether these performance shortfalls are due to lack of skills, knowledge, motivation or environmental factors in target locations.
Utilize results from performance gap analysis to identify appropriate strategies for addressing performance shortfalls in CP programming in target locations.
Contextualise a training session.

Competency 5: Coordination

Coordinates and network/s with other child protection-relevant stakeholders, programmes and resources to improve the protection of children
Learning objectives:
Identify your role in effectively supporting coordination and networking (as a coordinator or a member) with other CP-relevant stakeholders, programmes and resources in different contexts.
Map the relevant coordination mechanisms in your target location.
Outline possible strategies to mainstream and integrate CP into other relevant sectors, including GBV and education.

Competency 6: Self-care

Takes care of yourself
Learning objectives:
Develop, implement and monitor your self-care plan (as part of your capacity building plan).
Identify common self-care pitfalls while on deployment.
Identify your self-care needs during deployment and what type of support you require.
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