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Value proposition Brainstorm

Define, communicate, and validate your product's value prop.
By outlining key aspects such as customer pains and gains, product features, pain relievers, and gain creators, you can better understand target audience, establish a competitive advantage, and ensure your product effectively addresses customer needs. ​
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Target audience

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Consider their wants, values, and frustrations to create a crisp definition of the audience you’re speaking to. Provide 2-3 sentences that cover demographics here, then start thinking through more specifics below.

Jobs to be done

Create a list of tasks or goals your customers are trying to accomplish.
Functional: List the features that enable customers to accomplish their jobs to be done.
Emotional: Describe the features that evoke positive emotions and enhance the customer experience.
Social: Identify the features that cater to social needs, such as networking or collaboration.


Pains and gains

Pains identify the challenges, frustrations, and obstacles. Gains describe the desired outcomes, benefits, and positive experiences.


Pain relievers and gain creators

Pain relievers are solutions that alleviate customers' challenges or frustrations, making their lives easier. Gain creators are features that generate added value, benefits, or positive experiences, enhancing customers' satisfaction and overall outcomes.

Pain Relievers
Pain Relievers
Offline maps and GPS functionality
Enable users to download maps and trail data for offline use, ensuring effective navigation and progress tracking even in remote areas with limited or no cell reception.
In-app community features
Implement features such as forums, direct messaging, and interest-based groups to help users easily connect with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts for sharing experiences, exchanging tips, and organizing group adventures.
Gain Creators
Curated trail recommendations
Offer personalized trail suggestions based on users' interests, skill levels, and location preferences, helping them discover new and exciting outdoor experiences.
Safety features
Include emergency contact options, location sharing with trusted contacts, and real-time weather updates to enhance users' safety during their outdoor adventures.
Social sharing and achievements
Encourage users to share their experiences, photos, and accomplishments on the platform and social media, creating a sense of community and promoting TrailConnect's value to a wider audience.

Team value proposition brainstorm

Brainstorm value proposition ideas, and invite your team to upvote the best ones. Try on include the top 2-3 benefits, and focus more on value than features.
Spend 10 minutes brainstorming value proposition ideas as a team. After that time, vote on the submissions that resonate most with you, and discuss as a team

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