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Career Vision Planner for PM's: Create a vision plan for the next five years.

A simple template to help Product Managers build a successful career plan.

A career plan will help you progress faster in your career. The goal of this template is to encourage you to reflect on personal values, skills and create plan on how to progress towards your perfect job or role.
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How to use this template:

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Step 1: Identify your personal values.

Think about the most important personal values and why are they important to you. This values will guide you towards your goals and will help as a north start for your career goals.
What does this mean to you?
How important is this?
Whatever I do, it need to make people’s life better. Purpose and social/environmental impact should be at the center of my career
I believe transparency brings people together. When working with a team, I want us to feel comfortable speaking our thoughts.
Endless Curiosity
Explore everything I’m curious about and be an endless learner.
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Step 2: Reflect on what matters.

Take some time to reflect on your career path and think about what’s important to you. Use the reflection starters to think about your vision.
Add reflection
I want to spend more time...
Talking to engineers to learn about code and UI
Designing new features
Something I want to start doing is...
Weekly 1:1s with my team
Be more active on DEI efforts
I want to spend less time...
Doing admin work
I want to learn about...
Marketing stategies for B2B companies
Reflection starters

Step 3: Write down the skills you’ll need

What skills will you require for your next role and how do you plan to learn them?
How will I learn this skill?
How relevant is this?
People management
Have constant 1:1s and ask for feedback
Design and UI
Chat with Joel to learn about his learning
Write at least 1,000 words per week
Take a JS course on Codecademy
There are no rows in this table

Step 4: Visualize future job opportunities

Where do you imagine yourself in the next years? what does your dream job looks like?
B2B SaaS Company
I’ve always been curious about B2B business models
At an impact investing fund
Impact investing is the future of investing.
Tech company working on future of work
As a nomad, future of work is personally interesting. Huge opportunities here

Step 5: Plan for the next 5 years

Write a one, three and five year plan on how you’ll plan to achieve your goals. Think where you’ll be each year and what you have to work on to get to the next step of your career.

This year
As a product designer, I’ll work closely with a PM to learn more the skills needed to be a successful PM.

In 3️⃣ years
This year I’ll find a role as a PM at an early stage startup. I believe that being a PM at an early stage company will give me the flexibility to turn ideas into products.
In 5️⃣ years
I’ll be managing a team of designers and engineers at a fast-growing tech company.

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