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How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Work

FUE Hair Transplantation is also known as the single-strip method. In this method, a donor ellipse is introduced and hair transplant treatment in Delhi is done along the suture. This type of hair transplant is considered relatively cheaper. Also, the time of use of FUE is shorter. The client also enjoys simpler large sessions. If you have done FUE, you can also invest in FUE and FUT in the future. Well, an autopsy is necessary depending on the presence of microscopy. In addition to some advantages, it also has some consequences, such as the requirement for FUE stitches. It is also possible that a scar will remain on the head. Well, it is a bit embarrassing and the recovery time of the operation is also longer.FUT Hair Transplant Well, the Fut hair transplant method is a more complicated hair transplant method. In FUT, transplantation is performed by extracting the grafts as individual follicular units. The recovery time for this hair transplant is much shorter. We can say that it will last only one day. You can also leave a short hairstyle. The birth area may leave a scar, but the good thing is that it does not require stitches. You do not need to return to the clinic to remove stitches or anything else. The healing time is also very short. However, it required a lot of expenses. There is a limit to the grafting extension per day and the process is done with each extension grafting, so it takes time to move the head properly. Once you have done FUT, you cannot do FUE or FUT in the future. This is a bit complicated, so you need to choose a genuine and reliable click.

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