PPGMI Moon Campaign 🚀

1. Introduction

Hey, Pals! We love you! 💕
We launched the Praise Pals™ in 2022. We’ve been quietly building our main business, the , for the past 18 months. It’s now time to re-ignite our community, build hype, and go to the moonz. Our collaborative campaigns and giveaways are the ONLY way to earn $PRAISE before our token sale and IDO.
This airdrop includes 500,000 $PRAISE for Creators

2. How it Works

We believe Creators own the future and deserve $PRAISE for their creativity and moxy.
Create content about $PRAISE on X using our for a chance to win $PRAISE from the prize pool. Simple!
If PraiseBot (@praise_pals) likes your post, it becomes eligible for phase two, a re-post.
If you receive a re-post (retweet) from @praise_pals, you are in the running for one of 31 prizes from the reward pool.
When our account hits 25,000 followers (or when the timer runs out—whichever happens first), we will close submissions and select winners.
Eligible posts will be ranked by cumulative views. The more engagement your post generates, the more $PRAISE you will earn.

3. Praise Culture

Praise is designed to be a meritocracy. In fact, PRAISE is an acronym. It stands for Provable Rewards Algorithm and Initiative for Social Equality.
Our job is to surface quality content to make it eligible for earning $PRAISE. Your success depends on your execution and the X algorithm. We want to spread fun material to the masses and reward those who create it. We don’t care how many followers you have. If the content is killer, we will re-post it to increase exposure.
This campaign design was inspired by other meme communities like PacMoon, and we believe it worked for them because the reward model is decentralized and community-driven, just like Praise.

4. Guidelines and Materials

Let’s have some fun! Here’s what to do next...
Remix content from our
Anyone can create content and earn $PRAISE. We don’t care if you’re an artist, AI guru, musician, copywriter, influencer, or mathematician. Let’s see what you’ve got!
Remember, PraiseBot (@Praise_Pals) must like and re-post your content to make you eligible for the prize pool. Follow our guidelines to boost your chances.
If you aren’t getting retweets or likes, re-read this page and keep going! We are watching.

Please Do This...

Create original content about $PRAISE and post it on X
Use, modify, and take inspiration from our existing
Tag @Praise_Pals and include “$PRAISE” somewhere in the post so we can find it
Keep your content family-friendly
Be creative and have fun!

Please DON’T Do This...

DON’T Speculate on the price of $PRAISE in your content. $PRAISE has no intrinsic value.
DON’T Add obscure links to your tweets
DON’T Write about farming $PRAISE
DON’T Create content that would violate the X terms of service
DON’T Create content that is hateful or misaligned with the Praise brand
Low effort tweets will not be liked and will not be eligible to earn $PRAISE. We will also filter out activity suspicious of botting or misplay.

Examples and Inspiration

Here are some examples we like from the early Praise Pals community:


Here are some content types and examples from the Pacmoon community. Use as guidance. We like the AI and video content.
Quote Tweet:
AI Content:

4. Blow it Up

We are running a viral a growth campaign with additional $PRAISE up for grabs at the same time. Spread the word for new Creators to find the competition and put yourself in the running for another hefty bag of 500,000 $PRAISE. Yep, that’s 1,000,000 $PRAISE available for Creators and Supporters in total. LFG!
Join viral giveaway now →

5. Praise Fam

New Telegram:
Our future vision for Praiseland:

*The campaign ends when we hit 25,000 followers on X. Don’t forget to use our . Good luck!

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