APM Intern

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We are overwhelmed with the response from the community for this role. We have received over 1000 applications in less than a week. We humbly request you to please send your applications by 11:59 PM, 27th June (Sunday). We won’t be able to accept any new applications after that.

About Joveo

Joveo is driving next-gen recruitment technology solutions for employers around the world. Harnessing machine learning and industry expertise, our platform delivers the most relevant candidates in the shortest time, giving our customers a competitive edge.
We are passionate people building a value-based culture based on integrity, courage, empathy, and humility. Our Product head (and CEO) has 20+ yrs of experience in the recruitment space having worked at leadership roles at Indeed and Monster. He is also a serial entrepreneur with a successful exit from his previous venture Mobolt Technologies which got acquired by Indeed in 2014.
We are backed by marquee investors like Nexus Ventures Partners and recently we also got featured in the Forbes Best Startup Employers 2020.

About the job

This internship is our investment into our future.
As an APM Intern you will:
Work with our engineering and business team to resolve critical product issues
Work with other PMs on new features and launch impactful projects
Grow personally and professionally through mentorship and hands-on learning

Here are a few recent projects you might have worked on if you were already part of the team:
User Management
Building multi-user invitation/management feature for our entire suite of products
Cookie-less tracking
Industry leading breakthrough into capturing job seekers footprints across multiple touchpoints without the need of web cookies
Building multi-currency and multi-region support in our flagship product MOJO Pro
Platform filters
Implementing filters across our products to make it easier and delightful for our users to slice and dice their data
Product documentation and training
Designing and documenting our entire product suite to a centralised repository to help with faster product training for our new employees

You would also contribute directly to the product strategy and roadmap. You'd help us with some of the challenges we expect to face down the road like:
Figuring out the pain points in our existing products, and what we can do differently to make them a better experience
Interviewing customers to find out what they are using our existing products for and inventing ways we can solve those problems even better that our customers haven't imagined

Location of the job

This internship will be fully remote.
Upon graduating as an APM and post pandemic, you can work from either of our offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad

About you

You’ll be a great fit if you
have a strong business sense and can effectively communicate your thoughts
have a passion to solve problems
have a good design sense and poorly designed products makes you lose your cool 🙂
are a hardworking fellow with a zeal to learn new things

Pay and benefits

Stipend for the APM Intern role starts from Rs 75,000 for undergrads with less than 1 yr of industry experience and goes up to Rs 1,00,000 for folks with > 1 yr of industry experience or higher education
Our CTC for APM role (the one you will graduate to) ranges from Rs 18L - 22L per annum.
This internship will be full-time for 6 months. You would graduate as a full time APM at the end of the internship if we are a great fit for each other.
We also provide the latest MacBook Pro

How to apply

To apply, write something specifically for this position that tells us why we're a great fit for each other, and what you see the future being like if we work together. Please showcase any projects you've worked on recently and tell us what you think we should know about them. If you've got anything you designed, developed, and shipped entirely by yourself, or if you have created any decks (or product case studies) while applying for any other company we'd really love to see it and hear the story.
We don't ask for your resume but that doesn't mean we're not interested in what you've worked on in the past, we're just leaving it up to you to tell your own story the way you want to tell it.
We understand that not everyone has the same amount of time to dedicate to their application, so don't feel like you need to spend 10 hours on it to stand out. As long as you sound like someone who could be a great fit when we're actually working together day-to-day with the same time constraints, we really want to meet you.
Send us a link of whatever you put together in the “Your application” field in the below attached Google Form.
Can't wait to hear from you!

Google form


Can 2022 and later graduates (folks in their final and pre-final years) apply for this role?
No. We are looking for someone who can commit to a full-time role. While we understand that the final years are less hectic, we might need you to join us in our offices post lockdown once you graduate as an APM.
When is the last date to apply?
We are looking to fill this position ASAP. So we will request you to send your application ASAP. Given the overwhelming response we have recd, we won’t be able to accept any more applications after 11:59 PM, 27th June, 2021 (Sunday EoD). This is so that we are able to revert back to everyone who have applied.
What are the tentative dates for the internship?
We don’t have any fixed dates for this internship. We are looking for the intern to join ASAP and start. Those who can join faster will be given the priority. The intern duration is going to be 6 months from the date of joining.
Will there be similar opening in the future?
We can’t say for sure. While we have been recruiting interns continuously since 2019 for APM Interns, we don’t have specified dates when we hire for interns. Whenever there is a need for an intern, we post the job on our career page ( and our team also shares it on their LinkedIn handles. We request you to please check our careers page for future openings.
What is the probability for converting from an APM Intern → APM (Full time)?
We are aiming for 100% conversion for this internship. Our historical conversion ratio has also been 100%.
Until now we have had 5 interns who completed their internship at Joveo. All of them converted to full time APM roles 🙂.
What will be the hiring process?
There are going to be 2 interview rounds and one take home case study.
Case study round (Take home):
This will be for those shortlisted folks who didn’t share any decks in their application. Or those who we feel we need one more deck to evaluate better.
Round 1 Interview:
Here we will go through the following
Your decks and your thought process
Your calling for product management. Here we are trying to evaluate if you have a natural product instinct.
(Tip: Please be as honest as possible here. We wouldn’t mind if you are looking for a product role just because it pays better or because you don’t know coding and this sounds like a nice title or because Product management is trending.)
We understand that at this point many of you wouldn’t have understood your real calling and it is natural. Please be honest with us so that we can help you and ourselves understand your inner calling.
Some problem solving questions like guesstimates, product design etc. We are here trying to understand how you approach complex problems. We will evaluate if you can think through first principles and are able to think through a structure.

Tip: Please don’t get overwhelmed by frameworks to answer these questions. Just give it an honest try. Thinking too much about what frameworks to use will do you more harm than good. And we totally understand that your answers can’t be as good as those in books like Cracking the PM Interview and Decode and Conquer. So don’t worry. Be honest. Be original.
Round 2 interview:
This will only be for folks who are either
All excellent and we need one more round to select one among them
Or those whose applications were amazing but didn’t do well in the Round 1 interview. We want to give them one more chance

The structure of this round will be similar to that of Round 1 with more emphasis on problem solving and first principle thinking approach.
Can I (Praful) refer you for this role?
NO. Unless I know you personally and can vouch for you, I won’t be able to refer you for this role. Same would go for other team members at Joveo.
Please don’t worry that your application might get missed without a referral. We will go through all the applications that we receive by Sunday 27th June.
Referrals are usually helpful before a job is posted online. This helps a company to save resources (time and money) to go through 100s of applications for a role. Once a job is posted on a public forum, random referrals (when the referrer doesn’t know the candidate personally) holds lesser or no value as the team has to anyhow go through and revert back to all the applicants.

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