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Hi there, I'm Pradnyesh (call me Prad), your SaaS SEO Content Writer.
Are you finding your competitors appearing above you on Google's search results?
Are you tired of paid ads and realized you need a better engine to get your new users?
Are you seeking a content production expert who can expand your existing SEO strategy?
If you find yourself nodding along to any of these questions, then I'm here to help!
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I’m a freelance content writer and SEO-Content strategist with a strong background in growing SaaS products. I’ve previously led the growth and marketing for a SaaS startup called ruttl, where I took it from 0 to 12,000+ users.
I specialize in helping SaaS companies that have products in the marketing, sales, project management, productivity and feedback management space.
After dropping out of a US business school in 2019, I joined Brucira-an award-winning design agency based in India. Back then, our team was building two in-house SaaS products called ruttl and Brutask.
Want to get an idea about my pricing? Keep scrolling down to take a look at the all the services that I can help you out with and their respective rates.


SEO-Optimized Blogs - Keyword-optimized blogs boost your SEO, rank on SERP for high-value keywords, and attract traffic that converts into customers. I charge a rate of $0.12 cents per word for blog projects.
SEO-Content Strategy - Work with me on a long-term custom strategic project based to directly increase your website traffic steadily with SEO-Content. This type of project starts at $1200 for a project with minimum 4 blogs per month.
LinkedIn Ghostwriting - Build a personal brand on LinkedIn, grab the attention of decision-makers and acquire new users with ghostwritten content. Pricing starts at $600 for 20 posts (basically one month of content)

Wondering how I got into freelance writing?
I absolutely LOVE content. I have always loved writing and creating content since my undergrad days. I used to freelance occasionally and take up side-projects outside my full-time job.
I usually create content on about SaaS, growth and marketing to help early-stage SaaS founder and marketing teams take their user acquisition to the next. And guess what? I specialize deeply in inbound marketing using SEO and Content marketing.


There’s literally thousands of freelancer out there. So, why should you work with me?
Let’s face it. You are not just spending all that money on content production just to blow it up.
There’s a reason. You want to grow your website traffic and convert those visitors into customers.
Who else is better than a SaaS marketer that's himself led SEO campaigns with other freelance writers and grown website traffic worth thousands of dollars?
One of the top performing blogs that I’ve strategized for a SaaS company almost single handedly 10x’D their website traffic. That’s almost $5000 being saved every single month, which would have otherwise been required for paid advertising. 👇
Here’s a look at another example of my SEO expertise. Within a period of 5 months, I managed to increase the website traffic by 48% and the almost brought 200 new first-page rankings for an Indian unicorn startup client of the agency.

Writing Samples

Personal Branding
LinkedIn Ghostwriting


“I enjoyed working with Pradnyesh on my latest social media content campaign. He is smart, motivated, and committed digital marketer.”
- Luke O'neil, CEO @ Genuine Comms (Content Marketing Agency)
“Pradnyesh is an experienced SEO & Growth expert who brings a lot of insights about scaling 0-1 startups. He understands every possible customer acquisition channel! I strongly recommend him for his robust marketing strategies.”
- Bharadwaj Giridhar, Founder @ InboxPirates
“Pradnyesh is an expert at creating marketing strategies. His insights helped us drastically increase our acquisition and retention rates.”
- Gbadebo Bello, Co-Founder @ Fidia

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