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WFH - Working from home allowance

Note: Please note that this page is for guidance and a full policy is currently WIP.
Depending on your role, you may be eligible for the Working from home allowance. Please check with your manager if you are eligible.
Please use 📖 to find out how to claim out of pocket expenses.


The aim of this policy is to replicate the benefits of an office in your own home. Everybody values the different benefits of an office differently i.e. Reliable WiFi vs free coffee vs office chair vs free snacks vs green plants. We want to honour the differences in people's preferences when establishing their own "office" set up, be it at home, cafe's or co-working spaces

How much is it?

💸 This will be dependent on your location, role and hours. Please check with your manager.

What can I spend it on?

This allowance will usually be used for items such as:
🖥️ Equipment - e.g. headphones, keyboard, monitor, desk chair.
☕ Beverages
🥫 Snacks
📲 Additional communication costs - e.g. You have to upgrade your internet connection or purchase equipment for remote access.
❗Please note these are at the discretion at your manager so it’s recommended to speak to them first.

What should I not spend it on?

Remember that the items should be necessary, or enhance the ability, for the performance of duties of employment within reason. Here are some examples that are not covered by this allowance:
🍌 Regular grocery shop
🛰️ Regular internet / energy costs
❗If you are unsure of what falls within “reason” please reach out to your manager.
❗Certain items may impinge on local tax laws (if you expense it you may get taxed on it) so managers may need to check with finance for their location. e.g. the two listed above are not allowed in the UK.

What else should I know?

🧐 All expenses will be approved by the manager.
💃 Expenses approved for socials do not use the WFH allowance.
💳 If you have a company card, this cannot be used to spend your WFH allowance.
⏲️ You can save up to 3 month’s worth of allowance to use in one go.
🛫 Spending on subsistence during travel does not use up your WFH allowance - Please make sure this budget is approved by your manager.
Can I use the WFH allowance for a shared office space such as the WeWork Global All Access Pass?
Yep! Please speak to Paul.
Note that you will need to relinquish your WFH allowance.

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