Sprint Report Greece

Platform Squad Sprint Summary

Completed Sprint: Greece (3/18/24 - 3/29/24)

Estimated Time: 98.5hrs
Actual Time: 137hrs
Tasks Added Mid-Sprint: 4 Tasks, 5hrs

Key Initiative Focus Items:
We have laid down all of the pre-requisite work for the Ketch implementation and it is scheduled to be release Tuesday, April 2nd
Next up: We will be implementing the Ketch flow logic for DSR deletion and implementing the pixel deletion
Kount: Once is complete and a couple of Kount-related bugs are squashed we will be tying a bow on this KI until we get underway with . Once we learn more about the direction we are going with the payment provider, we will be utilizing we might have to revisit
US Distro Tool: Released to production!
Squad Related Items:
There was a few underestimations of tasks that contributed highly to the difference of actual vs estimated time. Specifically, the Shopify 430 errors and the pre-requisite implementation related to Ketch.

Upcoming Sprint Plans: Hungary: (4/1/24 - 4/12/24)

Estimated Hours: 113hrs
Sprint Focus Items:
Finish Kount and tie a bow on until we might have to revisit due to a potential new payment processor
Continuation on Ketch DSR logic and release pre-requisite work
A couple bugs related to portal, US distribution tool, and Kount

Site Squad Sprint Summary

Completed Sprint: Greece (3/18/24 - 3/29/24)

Estimated Time: 126 hours
Actual Time: 133 hours
Tasks Added Mid-Sprint: 4 tasks added 16 hours

Key Initiative Focus Items:
Site Experience: PDP Implementation
Site Experience: CLP and Nav updates to test
LM 4.0 Pro, LM 3.0 Plus, SS Blade 2.0 - INTL

Squad Related Items:
PHP Bundle SKUs
Strapi Plug-in Exploration
Handle lost or failed transactions
Use Shopify to get product category field

Upcoming Sprint Plans: Hungary: (4/1/24 - 4/12/24)

Estimated Hours: 114
OOO: Preston S: 4/4-5
Sprint Focus Items:
Finish Site Experience PDP work
Launch Site Experience Navigation and CLP to Production
Add 5.0 Blade Upgrade Flow for Members with the NEW Skinsafe Blade
PHP Bundle SKUs
CLP and Nav post launch updates

OPS Squad Sprint Summary

Completed Sprint: Greece (3/18/24 - 3/29/24)

Estimated Time: 62 hrs and 45 mins
Actual Time: 83 hrs and 30 mins
Tasks Added Mid-Sprint: 8 Unplanned Tasks added 20 hrs

Key Initiative Focus Items:
US Distribution Tool Launched in the Admin Portal on 3/27 🎉
Squad Related Items:
INTL SEKO Loqate Data Base Scan
US Address Cleanup - Delete Approved Addresses
SEKO Monitoring & Cleanup for 430 Errors

Upcoming Sprint Plans: Hungary: (4/1/24 - 4/12/24)

Estimated Hours: 73 hrs
Hours have been scaled back from regular capacity (80 hrs) to account for upcoming PTO...
Riley PTO: 4/1-4/4
Jeff PTO: 4/11-4/12
We kept a few more hours than we would normally for this amount of PTO to support cross-squad code reviews. The team has agreed to adjust mid-sprint if planned/unplanned work exceeds our capacity.
Sprint Focus Items:
Add the concept of rejection to Maersk Integration
Update CS US Shopify Tagging Flow to Include all Non-Sellable SKUs
[Kount] Create 'cancel_shipment' endpoint
Add ShipHero Authentication Flows to Mock Service
Identify orders with incorrect provinces for Federated States of Micronesia

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