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Thanks for helping us test and exercise!

We’re excited to see if plz can help improve the code review and branch management workflows you’ve previously used solely via GitHub.

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What is
At its core, is an interface to your team’s Git code changes and the reviews associated with those code changes.

It serves as a layer on top of your GitHub repo that is focused on the task of creating reviewable code changes, and letting you review your team’s code changes, in a more pleasant and productive way.

Why plz?
At we work on a lot of projects hosted on GitHub. While GitHub's PR model is simple to use, it creates a workflow where the typical output is a large pull request. These PRs often address many dimensions of a feature or fix all at once, and are very unwieldy to review.

We longed for power tools like the internal code review apps at Google (Critique/Gerrit) and Facebook (Phabricator). We wanted our tools to encourage meaningful commits as checkpoints for feedback. We wanted a workflow encouraging more incremental output that's easier on reviewers.

This wonderful goes into a lot of the specifics of how we prefer to work, and why we felt a tool that bridges this workflow with GitHub was needed.

We’ve now used plz on lots of our own projects. We think it’s a big step forward for developer productivity and we wanted to share that with the world!

What can I do with plz?
You can use plz’s web UI as an alternate UX to GH!
You can use the plz CLI and create stacks of reviews!
See for more on these features.

How do I get started?
Check out our for information on auth, installation, and your first steps with the product.

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