Goals & Requirements Workshop 20/12/21

Objectives: to align business goals, define customer segments, identify user requirements for website launch
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@Bruno Fondevila Rodriguez
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Lean Service Creation Canvas - Business Goals & Limitations


Our goal

To create a virtual world where people can...
Have fun
Express themselves
Make money
Engage with the community
To allow for a space where brands and users meet
To help promote crypto adoption
To create something unique, that has never been done before
To propose a scalable solution

How will we know we have succeeded?

(in 6 months)
We’ll have a growing user base with good retention rate
Users will spend quality time interacting with our service
Users will participate in our community activities and/or launch their own
Experienced people and brands will show interest in joining our community and team (e.g. as advisors)
Experienced investors will show interest in investing in our project long-term
The project will have raised funding

What restricts us?

Lack of users
Lack of funding
No prototype to show for funding / user acquisition
Lots of competition, need a way to stand out from other projects
Target users may be reluctant to due to fear / distrust of crypto
Legal issues with underage players using crypto

Business problems we are solving

(Why do we need a website / whitepaper?)
Need for a communication platform
Present our value proposition, why we are different and reasons to invest and play
Collect feedback, find out whether our vision is supported from players and investors

Lean Service Creation Canvas - User Segmentation

Common in all user segments:
Looking for a virtual environment as a comfortable place where they can socialise
Looking for a game that allows them to potentially monetise their actions
Gamer personality traits - explorer, player, achiever, disruptor, philantropist, socialiser
Cares about social reputation

Segment name: Social players (main)


Want to have fun and excitement
Enjoy new immersive experiences, exploring virtual worlds
Enjoy socialising

Problem (assumed) worth solving:

Need for pleasant, immersive environment
Need for active community engagement
Need for tools to express own creativity

Reasons to focus on them:

+ Sustainable in the long term
+ Well known segment

Segment name: Grinders


Want to make money (play to earn)
Are actively looking for new crypto games
Enjoy gaming and can build up loyalty

Problem (assumed) worth solving:

Need a way to have fun while earning
Need an easy way to play and earn

Reasons to focus on them:

+ Easier to acquire

Segment name: Curious


New users who are just curious to see what’s out there
New to crypto and blockchain gaming

Problem (assumed) worth solving:

Need a reason to keep using project after they try it out
Need good onboarding / tutorial experience

Reasons to focus on them:

+ Potential for very large user base
- Difficult to acquire and measure

Website requirements


- Game preview

Show some art and what the game looks like
Show what users can be (come) in the game
Show avatar personalization options (clothing, badges, social, achievement points)

- Eyecatcher / “Wow effect”

Website needs to “wow” visitor at first glance
Have some kind of interactive, gamified experience

- Project Info

Show information about the team and competences, explain why we are the best for this project
Website need to answer the question “is this a scam?” just by looking at it
Show roadmap
Explain how / when user can start playing
Show tokenomics, how to monetize and create value

- Branding

Transmit trust, professionalism
Explain why this is a safe place
Show partnerships

- Investors info

Explain how and why to invest in and support the project



Circle, and weird things inside, like evolving world. People will be able to see weird creatures doing weird stuff. It’s going be a rotating circle around this world. You see like a blur, so people feel intrigue like OMG what it’s that. And this rotating thing will be like small chapters, why us, game, invests. And then you press and you see the whole scene about that chapter. You don’t need to scroll, you click on what you’re interested in and you see how the world changes towards that chapter.


simple landing structure: header, hero, social proof (supporters), features (what you can do inside the game), footer.


hero image, something appealing at first sight. Bottom, serious part: safety, who we are.
Right: the news; dynamic, up-to-date content, also a section to highlight what the community is doing. Something that is changing, that it’s new every day.

Bruno F.

Hero image, you can see the game, the art and the concept (e.g. island and a concert). The image is 2d static, but when you scroll it you see some movement (like in ). Then key aspects of the game. Then less important information

Bruno D.

Loved Marina’s style. Show most important features of the game.

Action points

Define quantifiable criteria (metrics) and milestones for defining the success of the project i.e. “6 months from now, we will have a growing user base of at least 1k users per day”; “users will interact with the website / game for at least 40-60 minutes per day on average”, etc.
Design a great landing page with a “wow” effect which clearly states the value proposition. This should make up for the lack of a prototype, showing the game’s main features and appealing to both users and investors. → Web designer / content writer
Define user personas and a marketing strategy for each. For each target customer segment, find representatives for marketing and user research. These could be found in competitors’ communities, or people who are potentially interested but still unaware of crypto and NFT games.
Define onboarding and retention strategy for “curious” users. Define user requirements for those users who are not blockchain-savvy so that we can design an optimal onboarding experience that will make them want to come back to the project.
Consult legal expert of regions where launch is planned. To make sure to comply with legal policies once the game is launched, should we have players younger than 18 y.o. May also look into how other projects are dealing with this.
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