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Consumer Rambling Pete's Task List on Steroids
To-do Lists

Simple General Todo View

This list shows all the items that needs to be done on your worklist, grouped by date. Entries for your shopping and other detailed items are excluded from this list. Create a link to those lists by creating an entry in this list with the name Other Topics, with a link to the detailed list. For example on the 3rd of December, there is a entry that links to a Shopping List. Create the link by clicking on the cell for Task. Click on the hyperlink icon above, and in the box for the link, enter the name of the view to jump to, in this example vwShoppingList.
Slightly advanced
Create additional detailed list views. For example, you might have a very long reading list, that you want to able to view separately.
All task entries in this todo list is stored in a single table with the name List. There is already a Topic called Reading List. Create a new View based on that table, and filter it with the Topic Reading List, and then exclude reading list from this View, by excluding it using the filter.

Date Range for General Todo List :
vwGeneral Todo Simple

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