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30 April, 2024

🚀 Introducing Generate Template Links with Expiry Date!
We're excited to announce a powerful new feature that gives template owners even more control and flexibility: the ability to generate template links with expiry dates.
With this feature, you can now create unique links for your templates and share them with others. These links enable guest users to generate images using your templates without the need for login or authentication. Plus, you can set expiry dates for these links, allowing you to control access to your templates over time.
Here's how it works:
Generate Unique Links: From the template image generation page in your dashboard, simply generate a unique link for the template.
Set Expiry Dates: Customize the expiry date for each link based on your preferences and requirements.
Share with Ease: Share the generated links with colleagues, clients, or anyone else who needs access to your templates.
Track Usage: Keep track of template usage, including total usage and last accessed datetime, right from your dashboard.
This new functionality streamlines collaboration and enhances workflow efficiency. Whether you're working with clients, team members, or collaborators, generating template links with expiry dates provides a seamless way to share your templates and empower others to create stunning images.

10 March, 2024

QR Code Integration: Unleash the power of connectivity! Introducing the QR code feature in the template editor. Generate QR codes for any link and seamlessly incorporate them into your graphics. Connect with a scan! 🌐🎨
Fresh Templates, Fresh Perspectives: Elevate your designs with a plethora of new templates across categories like offers, hiring, and quotes. Explore endless possibilities and bring your ideas to life! 💡🎉
Expanded Webhook Integration: Boost your automation game! Now, with more webhooks added for various APIs, experience heightened connectivity and efficiency in your workflow. Seamless integration, amplified possibilities! 🔄🚀

20 February, 2024

Revamped Template Editor: Immerse yourself in a renewed design space with enhanced UI improvements. Let your creativity flow seamlessly! 🖌️🔄
Fresh Templates Galore: Explore a trove of new templates catering to Sales, Marketing, and a diverse array of categories. Your ideas, our templates! 🌐🛍️
Transparency Unleashed: Enjoy transparent backgrounds and image support during generation. Your visuals, crystal clear! 🔍📸
Bug-Free Asset Downloads: Experience smoother operations with resolved bugs, ensuring hassle-free downloads of your valuable assets. Your creations, flawlessly accessible! 🐞🔄

24 January, 2024

New templates added for marketing, sales categories.
Introducing a fresh feature: Crop images using REST API! 🖼️
Spice up your images with filters using the latest REST API addition!
Various bug fixes and improvements for a smoother image generation experience. 🐞✨

12 January, 2024

New templates added for real estate, fashion, and food categories.
Explore our new REST API feature: Convert image formats effortlessly! 🔄
Help and support links are now conveniently accessible in the dashboard.

30 December, 2023

Unveil New Creative Horizons with newly added Templates in Sale, Fashion, and Business. 🛍️👔💼
Access 'My Templates' Directly for Quicker Personalized Creations. 🌟📁
Navigate with Ease Through Our Refined UI for Seamless Accessibility. 🖌️🎨

12 December, 2023

Explore Fresh Templates in Food, Fashion, and Sale Categories for Diverse Platforms. 🍔👗🛍️
Conveniently Remove Projects with the Delete Option in the Picnie Dashboard. 🗑️
Discover New Fonts Added to the Editor for Enhanced Creativity. 🖋️
Experience Enhanced Image Generation with Algorithmic Improvements and Bug Fixes. 🌟🖼️

11 November, 2023

YouTube Video walkthrough
(Social Media Automation)

8 November, 2023

Picnie Integration on Pabbly Connect
📱 Exclusive App in Pabbly Connect Dashboard:
Explore the Picnie App in the Pabbly Connect workflow for seamless integration. Access it here:
🔗 Connect Any App with Picnie:
Now, effortlessly connect Picnie with any app of your choice using Pabbly Connect.

25 October, 2023

UI Refresh in Dashboard and new Templates added
🤝 Seamless connections await! We've integrated with Pabbly Connect and opened up the doors to Picnie's API. Dive into detailed documentation guides and step-by-step video tutorials to get started.
🍔 Fresh templates are added for Food category and Digital Marketing.
📸 Need the perfect fit? Our Image Generation API just got an upgrade. Now, easily resize your images to the exact dimensions you need to fit snugly in any box. 🖼️📏
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Picnie! 🚀🎉

16 October, 2023

UI Refresh in Dashboard and new Templates added
✨ Check out our fresh and trendy additions to the Fashion and Sales categories with brand new templates!
💼 The Projects and Home Page dashboards just got a facelift with a revamped and sleek user interface.
📈 Stay in the know with real-time stats now prominently displayed top on the Homepage of your dashboard.
🖌️ Our sidebar menu got a makeover for a more polished and appealing look.
📚 Explore the new Documentation and Guide section, now conveniently available on your dashboard for easy access to helpful resources.
Discover these exciting updates and experience Picnie like never before! 🚀

7 October, 2023

Unlock Creativity with Picnie's Enhanced Features in Template Editor
Picnie's template editor has undergone a significant enhancement, introducing a host of powerful features that empower users to take their designs to the next level. Here's a glimpse of what's new:
Text Customization ✏️: You now have even greater flexibility with text. Customize it with ease by adding outline text with your choice of color and width. Enhance your designs further by setting text background colors 🌈, adjusting opacity 🧐, and rotating text at any angle 🔄.
Image Enhancements 🖼️: Transform your images effortlessly. Set borders with the color of your choosing 🌟, round image corners for a softer look 🌼, add shadows for depth 🌓, control opacity 💧, and rotate images at any angle to achieve the perfect visual effect 📐.
Shapes Galore 🔷: Discover a new section dedicated to shapes, including circles ◯, rectangles ⬛, ellipses ⭕, and more. These shapes are highly customizable, allowing you to match them with your brand's unique color palette 🎨.
Element Selection 🧰: A brand-new section for elements is now at your disposal. Choose from a variety of elements and tailor them to align seamlessly with your brand's colors and style.
Icon Library 🚀: Access a vast library of over 5000 icons directly within Picnie's template editor. Select, customize 🖌️, and integrate icons effortlessly to enhance your designs and messaging.
Multilingual Support 🌍: Picnie's template editor has expanded its horizons by adding support for a wider range of languages. Whether you're designing in Arabic 🌙, Chinese 🈴, Hindi 🇮🇳, Gujarati 📜, Spanish 🌮, Japanese 🏯, or many other languages, Picnie has you covered 🌟.
These enhancements in Picnie's template editor empower users to create visually stunning and culturally diverse designs while maintaining ease of use and customization. Elevate your creative projects with Picnie's enhanced capabilities. 🚀🎨

3 October, 2023

🚀 Exciting News from Picnie! Introducing a New Feature: Easily Store Your Assets for Future Projects!
Here's How:
1️⃣ Log in to your dashboard.
2️⃣ Navigate to the File Manager in the left sidebar.
3️⃣ Head to "My Assets" and choose the project where you want to upload images.
4️⃣ Look for the "Upload Assets" option and get started! 📁🌟
📥 Download with Ease: Grab your assets effortlessly! You can also utilize Image URLs and incorporate them when crafting templates in the template editor. 🌐✂️🖼️

21 September, 2023

🚀 Enhanced Features in the Dashboard:
1️⃣ Streamlined Template Access: Now, access your templates directly from the Dashboard's left sidebar menu, without the need to choose specific projects.
2️⃣ Bulk Resizing Tool Improvements: Enjoy detailed insights before resizing! View original image size, dimensions, and proposed changes before resizing.
3️⃣ Comprehensive Compression Tool: Make informed decisions with insights on the best output format for your needs before compressing.
4️⃣ Expanded Template Library: We've expanded our template collection to enhance your Picnie experience. Discover numerous new templates! 📋🔍📈📦

16 September, 2023

📸 Empowered Image Generation with Our API:
Now, when you're generating images through our API, you'll enjoy enhanced control over both image quality and output formats. These improvements are designed to elevate your experience and give you more flexibility.
To ensure you have all the essential information, we've updated our API documentation. Access it via the following links:
📚 Documentation Link:
Feel free to explore and make the most of these enhancements! 🚀📊

5 September, 2023

🎨 Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Fonts in Picnie!
Great news! In Picnie, you now have the power to upload your very own custom fonts directly into the template editor. Once our Picnie team approves, you can effortlessly integrate your custom fonts to craft stunning templates that truly reflect your unique style and vision. 🌟🖋️📝

12 August, 2023

📁 File Manager Enhancement: Simplified Image Management!
Exciting news! We've introduced a new feature in the File Manager that allows you to effortlessly select multiple images and perform actions like downloading or deleting them all with just one click.
This streamlines your image management tasks for added convenience and efficiency. 🖼️✨

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