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TE Study Season Facilitator

Please provide a list of measures/steps you’d take to maximize the number of NFTs minted during/after the study season.
Think of providing information, sharing, give&get (saying thank you), rewards, etc.
Be creative!
Note your ideas in a doc that provides a good overview, and shows measures you take, channels you use, and when you take action (time-wise, conditions).
We expect minimum 5-7 ideas, you can share more ofc.

💭 Ideas:
I'm thinking that the NFT needs to have access to something special and/or somebody needs to give it a special value. Here's a few suggestions:
As 33.6% of the students mentioned that they would like to take up a token engineering role as a main occupation, I'd suggest that the minted NFT would be a golden gate ticket to a partnered company to an intern, part-time or full-time position. The steps needed to be taken:
Reach out to the current partners and find out if they'd need engineers in the upcoming months (eg Optimism ecosystem).
Make a registration form for future partners so they'll be able to enroll in this partnership program.
Make a list of web3 recruiters and firms to reach out to and partner with them.
Tighten the NFT to a special event you or your partnered company organize. ​For example, access to a community event you will organize (eg. during EthCC). The longer you keep the event a secret, the more will be students curious. If you reveal the event at the beginning of the program, only people going to that event will be interested. (With we did special parties in the catacombs invite only so people who weren't there had a big fomo)
Also, with this special event, you can say people who mint the NFT before date X, will get on top of the event invite cool merch/drink at the event/whatever you feel is relevant to the event.
People who will come to this event will get a POAP that will be a golden ticket to another secret invite-only event
For this, the iyk disk would be necessary on the spot
Students who mint the NFT of a module are eligible to join a raffle for:
EthCC ticket
Merch of the sponsors
Devcon ticket
TE academy merch
Each module could have one raffle so there would be 5 raffles in total. Maybe the last raffle would be the one with the final program NFT and for that one Devcon ticket would make sense the most. The prices need to be worth the amount of the NFT (or more), though.
Have an activation game on Discord. People love games and gamified learning. A great example is SheFi's Discord bot Wonder, which helps with engagement and activation of the sholars among each other. This part would be mostly for engagement and visibility for TE on social media because what I can think of right now is to have a leaderboard where let's say top 1 gets the NFT for free and the 2nd and 3rd get 50% off. And maybe 4-5 merch from you and the partners. Students would get points for:
attending weekly sessions
complete a task from a weekly session
sharing on social media
referring to a friend
subscribe to the newsletter
Refer a friend to join TE academy and if you both finish and want to mint the final NFT Package, you both get 50% off.
When you claim the NFT, you get extra educational gated content.
When you claim the NFT, you get a discount on an event (eg Devcon).
When you claim the NFT, you get to meet somebody relevant from the field online/in person.
When you claim the NFT, you get free accommodation (and/or flights) at one of our or our partners hackathons.
We could ask our partners if they could cover the costs for one of the hackathons they are sponsoring.
This could be limited to for example the first 10 people who claim the NFT.
Influencer marketing - somebody important (maybe from Optimism?) goes and finishes the program and actually claims the NFT and shares his/hers experience online (gives value to the NFT) would probably persuade students to mint it, too.

I can come up with more ideas, let's talk about them after I join you :)
Have a great day,
Petra Poliaková
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