Windows Server Final Exam Review Syllabus

** Redo some of the PowerShell and PYTHON WMI Labs

Based on the course content and learning objectives outlined in the IN2054 Windows Server Administration course outline, here are 20 study review questions to help prepare for the final exam:
VMware Workstation Basics: Explain the purpose and features of VMware Workstation. How does it differ from VMware Player?
Windows Server Editions: Describe the key differences between various Windows Server 2019 editions.
Installation and Configuration: What are the steps to install and configure Windows Server 2019? Discuss post-installation tasks.
Active Directory Basics: Explain the fundamental concepts of Active Directory. How is it installed and configured?
Managing Virtual Machines: How do you create and manage virtual machines within Hyper-V?
Resource Access Configuration: Describe the process to set up security for folders and files in Windows Server 2019.
Data Storage Management: Discuss the operation and structure of Windows File System .
Cloud Technologies and Web Services: Explain how to provide web services using Internet Information Services (IIS) and configure Windows containers.
Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Describe the tools and processes used to monitor and troubleshoot Windows Server 2019.
PowerShell Scripting for Administration: Discuss how PowerShell can be used to automate repetitive tasks in Windows Server administration.
Python Scripting for Windows Administration: How is Python used to manage files, directories, and user accounts in Windows Server environments?
Virtualization Technologies: Explain the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 Hypervisors. Discuss their uses in Windows Server 2019.
User Account and Group Management: How do you create, administer, and manage domain user accounts and group accounts?
Windows File System: Describe the basic commands for working with the Windows file system and their applications.
Automating Server Management: How can server management processes be streamlined using scripting in PowerShell and Python?
Practical Skills Application: Describe a workflow where you need to use both Python and PowerShell to execute a Windows Server administration task
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