W23 MAD5234 Testing Assignment 2

Due January 30 Monday

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Assignment Overview:

As presented in class: The purpose of this Assignment is to do a Case Study of some failure of an IT System which had substantial costs in human terms and financial and business continuity factors.
Here we take the situation of South West Airlines in January 2023 and design an IT System of sufficient robustness that, had it been in place, would have allowed South West Airlines to continue operations.

Grading Rubric:

Over grade will be 100 points.
Your presentation is of high quality, professionally presented, and will compel the attention of the Viewer.
Your presented is properly posted on your LINKEDIN profile as per instructions in class.
Video: Your video is interesting. Your vocal and physical presence is strong. Your presentation is well organized and tells the compelling story.
Your Video story board (PPTX or Prezi) is well organized and does an effective job of conveying your analysis of the business domain and how it broke, and who your Solution will work to provide a robust business continuity solution.
The elements of your solution are all comprehensive and focused on solving the problem: Here we include: Business Domain Summary and Analysis and Requirements for his new system you are business: Use Cases UML TM
We need to see a TM

We also need to see some UML investigations of how your code will work:

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How to make your Story Board:

You can use a Presentation format of your choice.
I will demonstrate using Prezi.
Start with a plan:

Step 1: Let’s make a Prezi Account:

Sample of Instructor’s Prezi:

For your Video, use any video editing software you like. ​I will recommend

Steps for making your Video:
The two components of your video:
You and your team members showing on the camera: talking and narrating
Your story board: PowerPoint or Prezi. This is what shows on your video: Latex, Trello, UML, Test Cases, WBS

The final assembled video will be uploaded to YouTube.

How can I build my Product to be Testable?

What you will present for this Assignment:
An article summarizing your work. Here is a sample of what it could look like:

The detailed Build Plan in Latex.

A Video (3 to 4 minutes) in which team members present their work.

You will post the summary article with links to your YouTube Video, Latex, and Trello Board on your LinkedIn Profile.


Instructor’s Latex Document on

Create a Text File - named as TeamName.txt:

In this file: put all team members’ names and student IDs.

Put the LINKS to your Latex and Trello Board.

The purpose of the Presentation you make is to convince the Decision the Decision Makers to purchase your System.

Make a product that aligns with their Business Domain - as described by the Use Cases you make from the Case Study.
Present to them that your Product will solve the Pain Points of their Customers.

For this Assignment, you can work in teams of up to 4.

Hand in format: A Latex Document with a TRELLO board to do planning and brainstorming.
(Instructor will provide a template to show you how to get started).
You will choose a case study:
What you are to do / Hand In / SUBMIT:
Study the nature of the problem that happen.
Identify which failure elements resulted from:
SRE: Safety and Reliability Engineering
What could or should management have done to preclude these problems from happening.
You will create a Software Build Plan and Design document SSD to create a new and better system.
Create UML Designs
Traceability Matrix
Software Specification in the Format of the Domain/Range Graph (Input conditions or requirements our code will handle: / What it should do in each case)
Software Quality Metrics for your Test Plan; Writing Test Cases

INCLUDE YOUR Work Break Down Structure with LUCID Diagrams

How to make a WBS: The simplest way to do a WBS is with TRELLO
Instructions for Using Trello to Make a Work Break Down Structure for a Software Development Project

Create a board in Trello: Create a board in Trello that will serve as the platform for your work breakdown structure.
Create task cards: Create individual cards on the board that represent each task within the project.
Assign team members: Assign team members to each task card based on their skills and expertise.
Set due dates: Set due dates for each task card and make sure to communicate them to the team.
Add descriptions: Add descriptions to each task card that explains the scope of the task.
Add users: Add users to each task card to let them know who is responsible for the task.
Add comments: Add comments to each task card to provide additional information about the task.
Add labels: Add labels to each task card to easily identify and categorize tasks.
Generate diagrams: Generate diagrams, Gantt charts, and a work breakdown structure automatically.
Track progress: Track progress toward completion of projects using Trello's tracking tools.
You can track progress toward completion of projects using Trello's tracking tools by creating a checklist in each card to display a percentage completion, enabling calendar view to see what's due, using the Card Aging Power-up to visually 'age' cards as time passes without activity, using the Card Snooze Power-up to set a date and time to make sure you don't lose track of tasks, and using Trello Templates to set your board up with the right structure. ​

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