W23 AML3304 Project Instructions

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Our Term Project has 2 STREAMS: You can pick either one to do:

Both the Coding Project and the Research Project require a Video as part of the hand in work.
Essay project people: You will work individually not in teams.
You can get the free 30 day trial of Mind Manager to use in building and planning the outline for your Research Paper:
Talk about how to use GITLAB as your CI/CD repository.
Discuss how companies can build their own customized Generative AI language models customized on their own data
Talk about what Transformers are and how we Train them: recall that CHAT GPT =Generative PRE TRAiNED Transformer.
Talk about HOW WE generate text based on user queries. (This is what the CHAT web interface in Chat GPT does).
Where / how would you host your Language Model to be available to other people via a web interface like the CHAT in CHAT GPT?
More detailed instructions here:
Produce your Word Document Research Paper: I will provide a Dropbox link to submit it to.
Essay : Must have a Title Page with student name, student ID, course ID and details. You will include the YOUTUBE LINK of your Video.
Discuss and show an example of a how you would code a Chatgpt Plugin
Python Programming Project people:

You will put your Python code into a GITLAB REPO: I will give you a Dropbox Location to upload this URL too.
The main file in your Python Application should have comments noting the team members’ names and Student IDs. Note in a comment the YouTube LINK to your Video. All team

Coding Stream: {You can work in teams of up to 4 members}

Coding Project: Write a Simple PYTHON Application to provide a Minimal Viable Product MVP or "Toy" version of Chat GPT.

What to do:

How to deliver this:

Stream 2: The Research Paper {Individual not teams}

Essay Paper Research Project
Produce a 3000 Word Research Paper presented in MS Word.
Your Presentation should include a variety of presentation formats:
Pictures, Charts, Diagrams, Tables to Summarize information
Address all the Quesions and concerns we talked about in Class and recorded in this Project Instruction Sheet:
Other Questions to Address:
What is a ChatCGT Plugin: how and why do we use plugins? Show some example code:

Research Sources:
Anything presented in Class
YouTube Videos

AI includes ChatGPT and
→ For this, I expect you to cite your Source and include the Prompt that produced that information
PDFs, Books, Website research : Cite your Sources.

Questions and Topics to Address in your Paper:

Discuss WHAT the Llama and Alpaca Language Models ARE and how they are used to build a Generative AI Language Model like ChatGPT

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