"Temporal Affairs: Blue as the Sea"

Interior: Temporal Enforcement Unit Command Center. A large, sleek room filled with advanced technology and holographic displays showing different time periods and pivotal moments in history. The displays are monitored by various officers. In the center, a large holographic table displays the USS Enterprise in 1942 Earth orbit.
Commander Tarell: (Studying the display, voice filled with concern) "The USS Enterprise in Earth's 20th century... This is a direct violation of the Temporal Prime Directive."
Lieutenant Mira: "It appears they were investigating an alien spaceship when they were sent back in time by an unidentified force."
Commander Tarell: "Any interactions with the timeline?"
Lieutenant Vos: "They're on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. It's the Battle of Midway. Their actions there could alter the entire outcome of Earth's Second World War."
Lieutenant Mira: "Should we intervene? Bring them back?"
Commander Tarell: "Intervening could cause even more damage. Let's monitor their actions. Captain Kirk and his crew are well aware of the Temporal Prime Directive. I trust they'll try to minimize any impact."
Lieutenant Vos: "But Commander, this is a pivotal moment in human history. The smallest change could have unforeseen consequences."
Commander Tarell: "Yes, but pulling them out might cause more damage than letting it play out. We need someone on the ground. Someone who can subtly assist without arousing suspicion."
Lieutenant Mira: "Like an agent in place?"
Commander Tarell: "Exactly. An agent who has been trained to handle these kinds of situations, without drawing attention."
Lieutenant Vos: "Gary Seven?"
Commander Tarell: "Yes. His origins have never been clearly defined to the Federation. This might be the perfect time to delve into his backstory. Send him in."
Lieutenant Mira: "But sir, if we send him back to this point in time, won't that alter the timeline and his own future interactions with the Enterprise?"
Commander Tarell: "It's a calculated risk. But if Gary Seven is already a product of our interventions, then placing him in this timeline won't create a paradox. We may be witnessing the genesis of his mission."
Lieutenant Vos: "So, we're indirectly responsible for creating the very agent we've employed throughout the 20th century?"
Commander Tarell: "Temporal mechanics is never straightforward. But this might be a chance to ensure that the 20th century unfolds as it should, with Gary Seven as our safeguard. Deploy him immediately."
Lieutenant Mira: (Nods) "Understood. I'll set the coordinates now."
Chapter One: The Choosing
Scene 1: A bustling alien marketplace on a distant planet, Beta 3. Alien species of all kinds are trading and bartering. The atmosphere is lively. Among the crowd, a young man (Gary Seven) is negotiating with a vendor over a mysterious artifact.
Vendor: "It's one of a kind. A relic from Old Earth. You won't find another like it."
Gary Seven: "How did it end up here?"
Vendor: (Evading the question) "Trade routes are vast. Now, do you want it or not?"
As they haggle, a hooded figure watches Gary from a distance. The figure is Lieutenant Mira, though we don't realize this yet.
Scene 2: Night has fallen. Gary Seven is walking through a dimly lit alleyway. The hooded figure (Lieutenant Mira) approaches.
Lieutenant Mira: "Gary of Beta 3. You are chosen."
Gary Seven: (Startled) "Who are you? And chosen for what?"
Lieutenant Mira: "For a mission that spans time and space. For a purpose larger than you can comprehend."
Gary Seven: "Why me?"
Lieutenant Mira: "You possess the unique combination of intellect, adaptability, and resourcefulness we require. Come."
Scene 3: Interior, Temporal Enforcement Unit. The room is vast, filled with machinery and advanced technology.
Lieutenant Mira: "This is the Temporal Enforcement Unit. From here, we monitor and sometimes intervene in the timeline to prevent catastrophic events."
Gary Seven: "I've heard of time travel, but I never believed it was possible."
Lieutenant Mira: "It's not only possible; it's necessary. There are forces that wish to manipulate the past for their advantage. We ensure they don't succeed."
Gary Seven: "And you want my help?"
Lieutenant Mira: "Yes. We want to train you. To place you in moments of time where you can make a difference."
Scene 4: Montage of Gary Seven's training. He learns combat, diplomacy, Earth's history, and advanced technology. We see him failing, then succeeding. We see him forming bonds with his instructors and fellow trainees.
Scene 5: Interior, Temporal Enforcement Unit.
Commander Tarell: "Your training is complete. Your first mission is to Earth's 20th century. A starship called the USS Enterprise has inadvertently traveled back in time. You must ensure they don't alter the course of history."
Gary Seven: "The 20th century? Why that era?"
Commander Tarell: "It's a pivotal time for Earth. Wars, discoveries, advancements... One small change can have drastic consequences."
Gary Seven: "I'm ready."
Lieutenant Mira: "Remember, subtlety is key. The Enterprise crew can't know of our existence or your true mission. Guide them, but do so from the shadows."
Gary Seven: "Understood."
Scene 6: Arrival in Shadows
[The scene opens with a blue swirling vortex in the center of a dimly lit, brick-walled alley. Old trash cans line the sides, and there's a hint of rain in the air. The vortex stabilizes, and Gary Seven steps out, disoriented. The vortex disappears, leaving only a faint hum that soon dissipates. He's dressed in a 20th-century Earth suit, appearing as though he belongs to this time.]
Gary Seven (murmuring to himself): "20th century Earth..."
[He brushes off any residual energy from his suit and attempts to straighten his tie. He then takes a moment, closes his eyes, and takes a deep, centering breath. When he opens his eyes again, they're filled with determination.]
[From the distant street, we can hear faint city noises: a car horn, distant chattering, and a dog barking. The lights from the main street faintly penetrate the alley, casting a glow on Gary's face.]
Gary Seven: (Reaching into his pocket, he retrieves a small futuristic-looking device. It lights up, showing a holographic map of his surroundings. He checks his position and then carefully hides the device again.) "Alright, first things first."
[Suddenly, a cat's meow is heard. Gary looks down to find a peculiar-looking cat with unusual markings and short, tufted ears at his feet. The cat is no ordinary feline; this is Isis, his companion.]
Gary Seven: "Ah, Isis. Good to see you made it too."
[Isis meows affirmatively and rubs against his leg.]
Gary Seven: "We need to find a place to set up operations, and then, the USS Enterprise."
[A group of teenagers can be heard approaching, laughing and chatting animatedly. Gary quickly hides in the shadows, pulling Isis close to him. They pass without noticing him.]
Gary Seven: (Whispering to Isis) "This era's inhabitants are not familiar with time travelers. We must be discreet."
[Gary starts to walk towards the end of the alleyway, taking one last look at where he arrived.]
Gary Seven: "Let the mission begin."
[Camera follows him as he merges with the bustling 20th-century street. As he disappears into the crowd, the scene fades to black.]
End of Scene 6.
Scene 7: Lessons from Isis
[The bustling 20th-century street is filled with people going about their day. Market stalls line the street, selling fruits, vegetables, and other products. There's a vibrant atmosphere. Gary, feeling slightly out of place, tries to blend in. As he walks, he notices a young woman being cornered by three ruffians in a narrow alley. She has an elegant demeanor and appears out of place in the rough situation.]
Ruffian 1: "Hey there, pretty lady. Why don't you come with us?"
Young Woman (defensively): "Leave me alone."
Ruffian 2 (grabbing her wrist): "She said she wants to come with us. Right?"
Gary Seven (reacting instinctively): "Hey! Leave her alone!"
[He rushes forward, trying to intervene, but due to his inexperience, he is quickly overpowered by the ruffians. One of them pushes him to the ground.]
Ruffian 3 (laughing): "Who's this hero?"
Young Woman (shouting): "Enough!"
[Suddenly, the alleyway is filled with a blinding light and an intense wind. The ruffians are thrown back, and when the light fades, standing in the young woman's place is... Isis the cat. The ruffians, dazed and confused, scramble away in fear.]
Gary Seven (getting up, bewildered): "Isis? How did you...?"
Isis (transforming back into her humanoid form): "You really need to work on your combat skills, Gary."
Gary Seven (sheepishly): "I... I was trying to help."
Isis: "That was evident. But you're clumsy. It's clear you haven't been out in the field long."
Gary Seven (defensively): "I've been trained! I just... I wasn't expecting this."
Isis (with a smirk): "That's the thing about the real world, Gary. It's unpredictable. And you need to be prepared for anything. Let me give you a few pointers."
[She moves gracefully, demonstrating some combat moves, making it look effortless. Gary tries to imitate her but struggles initially.]
Gary Seven: "Why are you helping me?"
Isis: "Because we're in this together. Although I have my own mission, separate from yours. You're not the only one with a grand purpose here."
Gary Seven: "Your own mission? What are you talking about?"
Isis: "That's for me to know and you to find out. But promise me one thing, Gary. Promise you won't mention this to your... handlers."
Gary Seven (nodding): "I promise. But you have to promise to help me. Clearly, I have a lot to learn."
Isis (smiling): "Deal. But first, let's get out of this alley."
[The two of them walk out of the alley, ready to face whatever challenges the 20th century has in store for them.]
End of Scene 7.
Scene 8: The Battle of Midway
[The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) glides through space, en route to Starbase 12 for a routine resupply. The tranquil starfield illuminates the ship's outer hull.]
Uhura, monitoring the communications console, reports: "Receiving a distress signal, Captain. It's weak, but it's there."
Kirk: "On screen."
[A garbled video transmission displays a ship under attack. Faint, desperate cries for help pierce the static.]
Spock, analyzing the data: "Unknown vessel, Captain. Its design doesn't match any known records. The temporal signature is... anomalous."
Kirk, intrigued: "Lay in a course, Mr. Sulu. Warp 5."
As the USS Enterprise approaches the source of the distress signal, an immense spatial anomaly materializes in front of them. The ship is sucked in, despite Sulu's best efforts to steer clear.
Scotty, shouting from Engineering: "We've got a massive power surge! The warp core is unstable!"
Kirk, gripping his chair: "Evasive maneuvers!"
But it's too late. A blinding flash engulfs the ship, and the crew feels an intense sensation of being stretched and pulled.
[The screen fades to black and then slowly lights up, revealing a clear blue sky and the roaring sounds of propeller-driven planes and distant explosions. The Enterprise's external sensors detect vast amounts of water below them, and they appear to be in Earth's atmosphere.]
Kirk, in disbelief: "Where... or when are we?"
Spock, analyzing rapidly: "The Pacific Ocean, Captain. Earth. The year appears to be 1942."
Scene 7.5: Tesla’s Enigma
[A panoramic view of Earth from space. Stars shimmer in the distance. Slowly, the camera zooms in, revealing the silhouette of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 against Earth’s blue horizon.]
[Inside, the bridge is bathed in a soft, ambient glow. Spock and Scotty huddle around the navigation console, their faces illuminated by its intricate array of blinking lights.]
Scotty, eyes widening: "Captain, the gravitational anomaly which tugged us out of warp – its origin? It's directly linked to an energy emission from one of Earth’s naval ships."
Kirk, leaning forward in his captain's chair: "Which vessel?"
Spock, brows furrowed, calibrating his instruments: "The USS Enterprise CV-6. Intriguingly, its energy signature aligns with none other than Nikola Tesla's theoretical blueprints."
Kirk, incredulous: "Tesla? The pioneer of electromagnetism? In this era?"
Spock, measured: "Indeed. He delved into the realms of teleportation and invisibility. While Federation annals consider these undertakings a dead end, this anomalous warp field emission challenges that account."
A stunned silence befalls the bridge. Even the ever-rational Uhura's eyes flicker with wonder.
Kirk, his voice almost a whisper, breaks the quiet: "Tesla... harnessing warp potential." The weight of that revelation echoed in every crew member's thoughts.
Spock, urgent: "Captain, we cannot afford to let wonderment delay us. The implications are vast."
Scotty, interjecting: "Aye, and if I might add, this energy could very well be our passage back to our rightful time."
Kirk, resolute, stands: "We’ll rendezvous with this relic from the past, harness Tesla’s innovation, and recalibrate our future."
[End of Scene 7.5.]
Spock: "There's more, Captain. If we don't retrieve this energy source, it could cause irreparable harm to this timeline. History records Tesla's experiments as failures, but if they were to suddenly succeed because of our interference..."
Kirk nods: "We can't allow that to happen."
[Cut to Kirk and Spock preparing to beam down in their Starfleet uniforms. They're equipped with tricorders and communicators.]
Spock: "We must be discreet. The people of this era will not understand our technology or our mission."
Kirk: "Agreed. Let's locate that energy source, retrieve it, and get back to our own time."
[As they beam down, they materialize in a secluded spot near the USS Enterprise CV-6. They stealthily make their way towards the ship, trying to blend in with the naval personnel.]
Spock, scanning with his tricorder: "The energy source is aboard the ship, likely deep within its structure."
Kirk: "Then that's where we're headed."
[End of Scene 7.5.]
Scene 5: Uncharted Territory
Setting: USS Enterprise CV-6, below deck. Dimly lit corridors, the distant sound of engines and crew activity. Metal walls glisten with condensation.
Kirk and Spock materialize in a dim corner, the soft hum of the transporter fading away. They're in a small storage room, filled with crates and naval supplies. The room provides them with a brief sanctuary from the eyes of the ship's crew.
Kirk, adjusting his uniform and looking around: "Well, this isn't the bridge of our Enterprise."
Spock, scanning the room with his tricorder: "Indeed, Captain. We appear to be on a mid-20th-century naval vessel. My readings suggest the height of Earth's World War II."
A sudden noise interrupts them – footsteps approaching. The door's handle begins to turn. In a swift move, Kirk and Spock hide behind some crates.
A sailor enters, grabbing a toolbox from a shelf, seemingly oblivious to the recent intruders. After he leaves, the two breathe a sigh of relief.
Kirk, whispering to Spock: "If my history serves me right, we've landed in the midst of the Battle of Midway."
Spock, nodding: "A pivotal moment in Earth's history. We must exercise caution, Captain. Our presence here could have unforeseen consequences."
Kirk, determination in his eyes: "Let's find that energy source, Spock, and get back where we belong."

Scene 4: The Mysterious Arrival
Setting: The USS Enterprise CV-6. Night. Officers and sailors are going about their duties. The ship is on high alert due to the recent unexplained temporal event. Searchlights sweep across the water, and anti-aircraft guns are manned, expecting the unexpected.
Ensign Kirk is with a small team checking equipment, ensuring all is operational. Suddenly, the ship's lights flicker. A subtle, almost imperceptible hum fills the air.
Officer: "What was that?"
Ensign Kirk, looking around: "I don’t know, but it came from over there!" He points to a dimly lit corner of the deck where a faint shimmering can be seen.
The group cautiously approaches, their steps echoing softly on the metallic deck. As they draw near, the shimmering becomes more distinct, coalescing into a solid form. It's a transport chamber of sorts, sleek and advanced, contrasting starkly with the wartime surroundings.
From within the chamber, a door irises open, and a man steps out — Gary Seven. He is dressed in a sharp suit, carrying a slim briefcase-like object (which contains the Servotron and other devices). His calm demeanor is a stark contrast to the tense atmosphere.
Ensign Kirk, raising his hand in a stop gesture to his team: "Who are you? What's your purpose here?"
Gary Seven, calmly: "My name is Gary Seven. I mean you no harm. I'm here on a mission of utmost importance."
Ensign Kirk, skeptically: "A mission? Here? Who sent you?"
Gary Seven: "That's... complicated. But I assure you, my presence is vital for the well-being of this planet."
At that moment, alarms blare. The crew, already on edge, are now in a state of heightened alert. Ensign Kirk gestures to two of his men, who cautiously approach Gary Seven.
Ensign Kirk: "You're coming with me. Until we ascertain who you are and why you're here, you're under naval custody."
Gary Seven, nodding: "Very well. But time is of the essence."
[The camera fades in on the USS Enterprise, 1942. The massive ship is surrounded by the vast, open ocean. Suddenly, a commotion ensues as the alarms blare. Soldiers rush in all directions. The scene cuts to a dimly lit room where Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are detained. Two military police officers stand guard. The ship shakes violently from the impact of a nearby explosion.]
Scene 7.6: The Legacy Connection
[On board the USS Enterprise CV-6. Ensign Kirk stands near the railing, staring out at the vastness of the ocean. There's a distinctive posture about him – upright and confident, eerily reminiscent of another Kirk. He is lost in thoughts when Captain James T. Kirk and Spock materialize a short distance away.]
Spock, sotto voce to Captain Kirk: "Captain, that ensign appears to share your visage."
Kirk, quietly studying the young ensign, whispers back: "The resemblance is uncanny."
Spock, glancing at his tricorder: "My readings indicate a genetic correlation. Ensign Kirk could be your distant ancestor."
As they approach Ensign Kirk, he turns, sensing their presence. For a moment, the two Kirks lock eyes, a connection forming across generations. There’s a wordless acknowledgment, a hint of recognition.
Scene 7.6: The Unspoken Connection
[On board the USS Enterprise CV-6. Ensign Kirk stands near the railing, staring out at the vastness of the ocean. His posture speaks of innate authority and confidence.
Ensign Kirk, sensing their presence, turns and meets eyes with Captain Kirk. There’s an immediate and wordless acknowledgment, a hint of recognition. The atmosphere is heavy with unspoken understanding.
Ensign Kirk, extending his hand with a confident grip: "Ensign Kirk. And you are?"
Captain Kirk, carefully: "Captain... James. And this is my colleague."
The younger Kirk's gaze turns to Spock, his eyebrow arching slightly in curiosity, mirroring Spock's own signature expression. He seems about to comment on the unique appearance of the Vulcan but seems to decide against it.
Ensign Kirk, chuckling lightly: "Quite a pair you make. Not from around here, I gather?"
Captain Kirk, with a hint of mischief: "You could say that."
Throughout their interactions on the ship, Ensign Kirk finds himself drawn to the captain. Captain Kirk's mannerisms, the way he approaches challenges, and his quiet leadership become something of a silent masterclass for the young ensign.

[End of Scene 7.6.]

Throughout their exchange, Ensign Kirk observes Captain Kirk’s mannerisms, the way he carries himself, and how he handles situations. The captain's charisma, intuition, and audacity leave an indelible mark on the young ensign's psyche.
As their mission progresses, the two Kirks share numerous interactions. Ensign Kirk finds himself subconsciously emulating Captain Kirk's leadership style, his decision-making prowess, and his ability to inspire those around him.
Late one night, the two are seen on the deck, gazing up at the stars.
Ensign Kirk, pensively: "You know, I’ve always felt drawn to the skies. There’s a legacy up there, waiting to be claimed. I can feel it."
Captain Kirk, looking at his ancestor with pride: "And it’s a legacy you're destined to shape. Remember, Kirk, the universe has a way of guiding us, pushing us to our destiny. Follow your intuition, always strive to do what's right, and the stars will open up to you."
The two share a poignant moment, their bond cemented. This interaction would inspire Ensign Kirk, later Admiral, to become instrumental in the evolution of America's space program, drawing from the values, vigor, and vision he saw in his descendant.
[End of Scene 7.6.]

Kirk (shouting over the noise): "We have to get out of here!"
Spock: "Agreed. Our presence here is already altering the timeline."
[Kirk swiftly incapacitates one of the guards with a classic Starfleet martial arts move. Spock, with Vulcan precision, subdues the other. They set in search of the mysterious alien energy source ,that can bend timeScene: The dimly lit cargo hold of the USS Enterprise CV-6.
Kirk, Spock, and Seven stand around a makeshift table created from stacked crates. A small, unassuming device — the energy source — pulsates with a gentle glow in the center of the table. Beta 5 hovers nearby, its soft blue lights illuminating the room.
Kirk: "Alright, gentlemen. Our mission is twofold. Firstly, we need to use this energy source to return the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 back to its proper time. Secondly, we need to ensure no lasting impact on this timeline."
Spock: "Captain, the energy source we are observing is the product of a technology not of Earth origin. My analysis indicates it to be Serikarian in nature."
Kirk, eyebrows raised: "Serikarian? That's a term I'm unfamiliar with, Spock. How come?"
Spock: "The Serikarians are known to the Federation for their covert interventions in the evolution of lesser-developed civilizations. They introduce advanced technology and ideas, masked as innovations of the indigenous population."
Kirk, visibly angered: "Why haven't I heard about this in any of my Starfleet training or briefings?"
Spock, hesitating momentarily: "It is classified, Captain. Only those with clearance under the purview of Section 31 are privy to this information."
Kirk, eyes widening in shock: "Section 31? You're telling me that there’s a covert branch of Starfleet that’s been withholding this information? Are you... are you a part of this, Spock?"
Spock, looking directly into Kirk’s eyes: "I can neither confirm nor deny any affiliation, Captain."
Kirk, taking a deep breath: "That's a conversation for another time. Right now, we have a job to do."
Seven: "If I may interject, with the knowledge that this energy source is of Serikarian origin, I believe Beta 5 and I can expedite the process of identifying and neutralizing any foreign tech on this ship."
Kirk, still visibly shaken but nodding: "Proceed. We'll focus on getting our ship back to where it belongs.", navigating through the chaos.]
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