Spy Adventure Java Action Game

The Mission Brief:

Good Morning, Mr. Bichon. We have a crucial mission for you. Our intelligence sources have uncovered a diabolical plot in an Central European Republic. This is where Herr Wolf, a notorious villain, and his criminal element dwell.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate Herr Wolf's secret hideout, locate the plans, and prevent the detonation of explosives on a train carrying much-needed dog food to a disaster relief zone. The fate of countless hungry dogs rests in your paws.
This will not be an easy task, Peanut. Herr Wolf is cunning and surrounded by his loyal minions. You must rely on your impeccable spy skills, resourcefulness, and the support of your elite canine agents in the Fur Squad to succeed.
Your gadgets, including the Bark-alyzer, Canine Camouflage, and Paws of Steel, will aid you in this perilous mission. Remember, discretion is crucial, as you navigate through treacherous corridors, bypass security systems, and engage in covert encounters.
The fate of the dogs in the disaster zone depends on your success, Peanut. You are our top agent, and we believe in your abilities. Your bravery and determination have earned you the codename "The Bichon Bond," and we know you will live up to it.
As you embark on this adventure, always remember your training and keep your wits about you. Trust in your instincts and the bond you share with your fellow agents. Together, you can overcome any obstacle and bring justice to those who threaten the well-being of our four-legged friends.
Good Luck, Peanut. The hopes of dogs everywhere rest upon your shoulders. The world awaits your heroics, and we have full confidence that you will emerge victorious. Godspeed, Agent Peanut.

In this lab workbook, you will find a fully implemented and commented Java code to develop a spy adventure action game. The game features Spy Peanut, a Bichon who is a James Bond-esque character and the lead spy for a government agency that protects dogs. Your task is to guide Peanut and his elite canine agents in the Fur Squad to stop Herr Wolf, the master villain, from blowing up a train carrying dog food to a disaster relief zone.
Step 1: Setting up the Game
Create a new Java project named "SpyAdventureGame."
Set up the project structure with appropriate packages for organization.
// Encouragement from Peanut: "Welcome, Agent! Let's set up the game and save the day!"
Step 2: Implementing the Hero Character
// Code for the Hero class

Step 4: Implementing the Fur Squad
// Code for the FurSquad class

Step 5: Designing the Game World
// Code for the GameWorld class

Step 6: Implementing the Game Logic
// Code for the GameLogic class

Step 7: Adding Spy Dog Spy Peanut

Step 8: Adding Herr Wolf, the Master Villain
// Code for the HerrWolf class

Step 9: Gameplay Implementation
// Code for implementing the gameplay features goes here
Step 10: Testing and Improvements
// Code for testing the game and making necessary improvements goes here
Congratulations on completing the Spy Adventure Action Game lab workbook! You now have a detailed and fully implemented Java code to develop the spy adventure action game, featuring Spy Dog Spy Peanut. Remember, Peanut is always there to provide words of encouragement and advice as you navigate through the game. Good luck, Agent, and save the day!
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