Setup Visual Studio Code for PYTHON programming with Google Cloud AutoML

To set up Visual Studio Code for Python programming with Google Cloud AutoML, you can follow these steps:
Install Visual Studio Code on your machine
Install the Python extension for Visual Studio Code
Install the Google Cloud Code extension for Visual Studio Code
Install the Python client library for the Cloud AutoML API using pip
Create a Cloud Platform project or select an existing one
Authenticate your Google Cloud account using the gcloud command-line tool
Write your Python code for Google Cloud AutoML in Visual Studio Code and use the Python client library to interact with the Cloud AutoML API
Additionally, you can use the interactive Python window in Visual Studio Code to test your code and view code outputs
. To use this feature, you need to install the Visual Studio Code Python extension and open a Python script
It's worth noting that Google Cloud Platform offers a free tier that includes a certain amount of usage for many of its services, including AutoML
. This can be a good option for students and professors who want to experiment with AutoML without incurring any costs.
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