s24 CSD 3103 Mid Term Exam Study Syllabus

My Personal Assist Astrilde has agreed to assist you with your studies:

You can ask her to drill you on any questions or topics related to this syllabus, and you can give her your answers to assess and provide feedback on.

Astrilde, please ask me a question requiring creating a NODE.js program to create a web server program that will include and HTML page with static images, body parser, forms, and routes to activitate server end points from HTML BOM form end points. When I am done, I will show you my solution and you will provide feedback on its quality.

Topics for the Mid Term Test:

CSD 3103 Mid Term Study Questions:

Be able to answer questions about what is / and how do we use:
The functions and behaviors of JavaScript are determined by the ECMAScript Specifications.
The Console Object Model COM is built into Node.js to provide access the the operating system and file sysatem of the Server.
We build Node Applications using the JavaScript packages available on
We install these packages using NPM -init
The package.json file is the configuration file of the Node NPM Application.

Be able to answer questions about the use of Visual Studio Code to create simple JavaScript programs and to make an HTTP server using express.js webserver that implements:
Routes and API end points connect HMTL page FORMS with Server.js end points.`
Body Parser for Forms
Static Middle Ware to display images

Be able to write simple JavaScript Programs to demonstrate: variable assignments and comparisons decision making: if then, case statements loops: for, while create and use Functions Be able to write a JavaScript program to add the numbers 1..100, stepping up by 7 each time and sum up all the numbers you step over

Be able to use the packages to make a webserver with middleware and static middleware to show images Be able to use routes to connect to server.js endpoints from Forms ​


Day 1: Setting up the tooling and Core Concepts:

Sign up at Install Nodejs
Install Visual Studio Code

Understanding that JavaScript is a Programming Language:
Practice writing basic JavaScript programs.
Understand the Browser Object Model and the Node.js Console Object Model as execution contexts for JavaScript.

Using Chromium Devtools to troubleshoot your Web Page

Programming “server side” JavaScript
Test Question Practice: Write JavaScript programs to add the numbers from 1 to 100, stepping up by 7 each time, and adding the stepped over numbers.


Day 3: Writing JavaScript in Visual Studio Code to run under Node, and using packages

Lab Drills:

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