s24 CSD 3103 Lab 1 DUE JUNE 7

In this lab, you will setup an Express.js Web Server and connect to routes provided by the server to the Forms running on HTML in the Web

Prep work to understand Post and Get:

Workflow Steps to complete this Lab:
You can set up Node.js and Visual Studio Code.
Make a Express.js Web Server

Start VSC

Make a Folder for this project [ensure your Directory is at the top
run npm init to create Package.json: The configuration File for your project

To work with Docker Containers, you will:

Download and install Docker Desktop
Create an account on

You will download and install Postman.


Make a Node application using Visual Studio Code.

Start by Studying this Lab work Book:

Grading Rubric:
This assignment is Graded out of 100 points:
25 Points :
All work submitted in the Proper Format on time.
25 Points:
Proper use of Docker containers. Your project runs from the Docker Container. Your Docker Container is properly Uploaded to Docker HUB.
25 Points:
All your Express.js Server functionalities and routes operate.
25 Points:
Your Word Documentation including explaining the operation of Post and GET routes with PostMan screen shots in your Word Document is complete.

In this Lab, you will:

Build a NodeJS application using Express.js Web Server and Routes.
Create a Report in MS Word Showcasing with Screenshots your use of PostMan to investigate the operation of your Web Server and its routes.
Submit your Lab Work in the format of a Docker container to -
You will put your DockerHUB URL into a TEXT file named as StudentNameStudentID.txt and upload to a Dropbox LINK I will provide.
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