Summer 23 Project Document AML 3304 Course Project Writing Python to construct a Simple Generative AI Language Model

DUE DATE is Week 13:
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Project DUE Date is August 18 (Friday). On Saturday I will look at the uploaded project control document text files, examine your Latex, Trello, and GitHub (it you are doing the Coding Version of the Project).
Your Latex Document should contain instructions to run your project and screen shots of its operation.

Change of plan: We will not be doing individual presentations.
Video is optional: Strongly encouraged but not required.
For your Video: You will make a POWERPOINT which will be the story board to be the background when you are doing the screen cast.

Steps to make a Video:

Downlod the free 30 day trial of Camtasia. (See instructions below).
Make a PowerPOINT which will be the storyboard for your Video.
Your video will be a Screencast. Turn on video recording software: Record your screen and your talking.
Save as MP4 file format and upload to YouTube
Put the YouTube URL into your Trello and Latex documents.

“What should I put in my video?”
It’s your video - put whatever you want!
You are telling the story of how you made your Project:
talk about how do did it: tools, procedures
How you made those decisions
Cool new discoveries
Post it on LINKEDIN for potential employers to see: Show that you are very excited about doing this kind of work!

Notes on how to make the Video:
Install Camtasia and Snaggit 30 day trial
Make a / PowerPoint to be the Story Board for your Video.

References and Resources
By July 30:
How to do this: Submit TEXT FILE
Tell me your
Team Name,
Team members’ names and Student IDs
TRELLO Board LINK: (add as a member)
Account LINK (add as a member)
Put this into a TEXT file, upload to : XXX
** OR if doing the Research Paper Stream: Upload a text file,
named as your StudentName_StudentID.txt if individual
named as TeamName.txt if you are a coding project team

Upload to:
s23 Project Document AML 3304 Course Project s1 AM Session Project Control File Upload
This dropbox will be for all Work Product Submissions.

s23 Project Document AML 3304 Course Project s2 PM Session Project Control File Upload
This dropbox will be for all Work Product Submissions.

For Research Paper: Your project grade will be based:
100% on your Work Submission (Reseach Paper or Project Code)
For coding Project:
50% based on the project code and presentation/latex pdf/video
50% based on individual interviews with the Instructor

How to make your TRELLO BOARD (ONE Trello Board per Team).
Go to
Add team members and add

Make Latex Document
Get signed up at
One Overleaf Account Per Team
You can work in teams of up to 5 members for the Coding Stream Project.
Presentation: Done in the last 2 weeks of class in a separate Adobe Meeting.
According to Course Outline: Project is worth 35% of Final, assigned as follows:
1/2 of your Grade for the project will be shared among the team.
1/2 of your Grade will be based on your answers to my questions and your ability to explain what is going on with the details and operations of the Class Project.
2 streams for the Project
Stream A: You can write a RESEARCH Paper, on topics outlined below: Individual NOT team.
Stream B: You can work in a team of up to 5 members to make your own Python Generative AI Language Mode.
Upload your Research Paper: Upload link will be posted.

Deliverable Requirements and Submission Format for the Coding Project.

Both research stream / coding stream of project will make a Video.
**- We will download and learn to use Camtasia and Snagit
You will make a PowerPoint as the background Storyboard: To screen cast as you are narrating your Video

Make a PowerPoint storyboard to be the backdrop for your Video: Name it as TeamName.pptx [Upload your PowerPoint Story Board also.]

Upload it to:
What we want to see, and what you want to show on your Video: Is the Generative AI Language Model that you built, or present in your Research Paper who you WOULD do it.
Making a Video and presenting your work and Video in a LinkedIn BLOG Post is a REQUIRED WORK PRODUCT OF BOTH THE RESEARCH PAPER STREAM AND THE CODING STREAM.
It is a required output of the project that all team members have face time and talk time on the video.

You are doing this to let Employers see the great work you are doing!

LLama Model (Watch these to get started):
LLaMA & Alpaca: “ChatGPT” On Your Local Computer 🤯 | Tutorial
In this video I will show you how you can run state-of-the-art large language models on your local computer. Yes, you’ve heard right. For this we will use the Dalai library which allows us to run the foundational language model LLaMA as well as the instruction-following Alpaca model. While the LLaMA model is a foundational (or broad) language model that is able to predict the next token (word) based on a given input sequence (sentence), the Alpaca model is a fine-tuned version of the LLaMA model capable of following instructions (which you can think of as ChatGPT behaviour). What’s even more impressive, both these models achieve comparable results or even outperform their GPT counterparts while still being small enough to run on your local computer. In this video I will show you that it only takes a few steps (thanks to the Dalai library) to run “ChatGPT” on your local computer. 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:30 LLaMA Model 00:03:54 Dalai Library Prerequisites 00:06:04 Setup Dalai & LLaMA 00:08:39 Alpaca Model 00:10:57 Setup Dalai & Alpaca 00:12:50 Outro My Medium Article for This Video: Dalai GitHub Repository: LLaMA Weird Character Generation Issue: Helpful LLaMA prompts: Resources: AI Explained YT Video: Self-Instruct: Ark Forecast: Alpaca: Dalai: Introducing LLaMA: LLaMA Paper: Stay in Touch Medium LinkedIn YouTube Of course, feel free to subscribe to my channel! :-) (of course, financial support is completely voluntary, but I was asked for this)

When you are presenting in your video:
[Also great advice for the Job Interview:]
You should demontrate your Command and Control - Thought Leadership - your Insight into your Business Domain = of this Material.
Demonstrate your Thought Leadership of this material:
What new questions and thinking and insights can you bring into this?
For your school project, and at work: You should always be “In the Zone” of thinking about what new insights and questions can I get from my Creative Imagination, exposing myself to these concepts everyday.
How to do the video:
Download the free 30 day Trial of Camtasia. You can also get the free trial of Snaggit Screen Capture to drop screen shots into your Video:
You will use the Free Trial Version of Camtasia: Or you can each make your own segment of the Video: Dropbox your Segment to one team member who will assemble the various Video Clips for everyone.
Why are we learning this?
Peter’s MINDMAP to give you resources for the PROJECT: ​
You will not lose your JOB to AI. You will lose your Job to people who are using AI to do that job better than you can.
You will move to the Top when you are the one who can build the AI solutions:
Generative AI Large Language Models to implement and deliver the Business processes.
Now you will see the emergence of an emerging Job Category:
AI Language Model Analyst
AI Application Developer
AI Entrepeneurship
Also: AI will be embedded into many other job fields such as Data Analytics, Business Process Engineering, AI-enabled Dev Ops (AI OPS )
Your project is going to be to:
What to deliver in your coding project:
Keep your GitHub up to date with your Code.
Make a Generative AI Language Model which the Instructor can test my asking Questions of it.
You can start by pre-training from another open source model.
You can layer on top of that some of your own Training Corpus content.

Coding Stream: Build a Python Program to present a Small Scale, proof of concept, MVP (Minimal Viable product) - also called a Toy Version, Prototype - of a Generative AI Language Model.

Research Paper Stream:

If you do the Research Paper stream, you do not need to do any coding.
However you wish to include some code segments in your Paper.
For example you may study my LinkedIn Blog Posting on Open CHAT GPT:
Write a Research paper which discusses the Points noted below, and any other lines of inquiry you developed while doing this research to demonstrate Thought Leadership:

Upload your Paper to:

Your Research Paper will be Authored in Latex.
You will make a TRELLO Board to provide the outlining, research organization, and planning for your Research Paper.
You will make a Video presenting your idea: You will make a PowerPoint to present the StoryBoard background for the Video.
Length: Use your own judgement. Provide a completely detailed explanation of what you want to convey. Include pictures, charts, diagrams, and visual references.
Look for ways to illustrate your ideas with charts, pictures, diagrams, tables.
You can,, Canva, or other tools to make some infographics and illustrations to include with your paper.
Have a title page: Name, Student ID, Course Code and Section CODE.
You will be using ChatGTP,, so Include the PROMPTS you are using with the AI to do your research.
We learned that a PROMPT should be of this Format:
Tell the AI What you want.
Provide the context or the REASON or purpose that you want this information for.
Constraint or prescribe the format of what the Answer should look like.
For example:
Write a Movie Script about a Bichon Frise named Peanut who is a master Ace Spy fighting for the safety of his country from the Bad People. Cast Peanut as being like Jason Bourne - the superhuman (super canine) Jason Bourne.
The reason I want this is to start a spy adventure series based on Peanut the Spy.
This script should be for a 90 minute, Hollywood-style Action adventure movie.

Here are elements to address for the Research Paper:

1. The technologies and theory involved and talk about HOW these applications are built and about HOW the software engineering and build processes and software project management works in an AI Cloud Devops world:
HOW DOES Unified Process Project Management Methodology (shine into) into this new world of Cloud AI-optimized Devops and building AI solutions.
2. How does CI/CD work here? How do we apply CI / CD to building and enhancing the ML OPS MODEL.
3. How do Bayesian Models work to power Generative AI Language Models.
4. All of the topics covered here:
Research Paper elements to address:
The kinds of tools that are used to build AI applications that integrate with and enhance the company’s business processes.
The kinds of skills you must develop if you want to work as an AI programmer/application developer.

For the Coding Project Stream: Here are your Instructions

Welcome to the lab workbook for AML 3304, where you will learn how to build a simple generative AI language model similar to CHAT GPT.

This lab workbook will guide you through the process of building your first language model, step-by-step.

What software/programming languages will you use?: PYTHON
Where will you source training data?
What kind of a PLATFORM will you deploy your Model to? [Cloud Devops and building the ML Ops Model]
How will you push updates? How will you push updates and do CI/CD - What CI/CD pipeline will you use?


Before starting this lab, you should have a basic understanding of programming concepts like loops and conditional statements.
You should also have some experience with Python programming language.
Please address this topic in your Latex Document Project Write Up:
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.