Android Kotlin Lab Test Activity
Objective: The objective of this lab test activity is to assess students' understanding and practical skills in Android app development using Kotlin. The test will cover various concepts and components commonly used in Android development, including UI design, handling user input, data management, and navigation.
Duration: 2 hours
This lab test activity consists of three parts: Part A, Part B, and Part C.
Students are required to have Android Studio installed on their machines and a basic understanding of Kotlin programming language and Android app development.
Each part of the test will have a specific set of tasks to be completed. Read the instructions carefully before starting.
Use the provided emulators or physical devices to run and test your apps.
Part A: User Interface Design (Duration: 40 minutes)
Task 1: Create a new Android project with an empty activity. Design a simple login screen with the following components:
EditText for entering the username
EditText for entering the password (with input type set to password)
Button for login
Task 2: Implement a click listener for the login button. On successful login (hardcoded credentials are acceptable), display a Toast message saying, "Login successful."
Part B: Data Management (Duration: 30 minutes)
Task 1: Create a data class named "Contact" with the following properties:
id (Int)
name (String)
email (String)
Task 2: Implement a RecyclerView to display a list of contacts using the Contact data class. Create a list of dummy contacts (at least 5) and populate the RecyclerView with these contacts.
Part C: Navigation (Duration: 50 minutes)
Task 1: Create three fragments: HomeFragment, ProfileFragment, and SettingsFragment.
Task 2: Set up a bottom navigation bar with icons for each fragment. Clicking on an icon should switch to the corresponding fragment.
Task 3: In the ProfileFragment, implement a button that navigates to the SettingsFragment when clicked.
Complete all the tasks in Part A, Part B, and Part C within the given duration.
Zip the entire Android Studio project folder and name it "".
Upload the zip file to the designated submission portal or share it with the instructor.
Part A: 40 points
Task 1 (20 points)
Task 2 (20 points)
Part B: 30 points
Task 1 (10 points)
Task 2 (20 points)
Part C: 30 points
Task 1 (10 points)
Task 2 (10 points)
Task 3 (10 points)

How to Submit:

Create your Project in your Android IDE;
Export the project directories to a Zip File.
Name the file as Student Name_StudentID_Labtest_1

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