s23 BU1173 Ethics in the Computer Age

Class Plan: July 5

How to make a Google Sites Website:
This is a project deliverable.
This will be your landing page for your Project:
Your Website will be the landing page to tie together:
Trello Board LINK
Latex Project Presentation LINK
YouTube LINK to your Project VIDEO
1 Google Site per Team
BUT everyone should now pay attention and follow along
Step 1: login to
login with Gmail Credentials
Step 2: Create a new site
Step 3: You create the content on your Website by dragging Widgets on to the Canvas
→ First thing to do: We will use Latex on to make a PDF → upload to Google Sites: posting that PDF onto our Google Sites Website with a Google Drive Widget

Now: Create an Account on

What you need to do today (July 5):

Mid Term Test will start at 9:15: 1 hour

Today we will continue to work on the Deliverables for the Project.
Previously, you learned to setup your TRELLO Board and your Prezi Presentation which are key deliverables for your project.
Today your Team will setup a Google Sites Website. You will use this to organize the deliverables for your Project.
You will put the URL LINK to your Google Sites Website into your TRELLO BOARD so I can access it.
You will also create an Account on and start to use LATEX which is a Digital Typography system. Most books on math, science, and engineering and typeset in Latex. It is a fantastic way to organize, synthesize and collate large amounts of text, such as you will develop as you do research for your Project.
Your class activity today will be done with your Project Team. You will make a Prezi Presentation on the topic of the ethical considerations of Software Liabilities. You will link this to your team’s Google Sites website. This is practice and build up to deliver your project.
More importantly, you are learning Professional Presentation Skills which are a key factor in Professional Success.
You will practice using Research Tools that I will present, and using your TRELLO BOARD to organize and collate your Research discoveries.

Class Plan: June 21

What you need to do today (June 21):

1. Start to organize your teams.
2. One per team: Send me a text file: with your Team Name, Team members' names and student IDs, project concept.
3. Today we will get you signed up for TRELLO: in text file: tell me the LINK so that all the team members and the Instructor can edit your TRELLO Board.
4. We will all get signed with

Setup for the Project:

Project Instruction Sheet:
Learn to use TRELLO and Prezi
Prep Study Topics for Quiz 2 July 5

Team Slack Channels

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