Rules for the business simulation "App Marketing Masterminds."

If team A buys Service XYZ from team B: let the App Master know about it!

To update the Google Sheet

Learning outcome of this activity:
To Build Thought Leadership with the business, marketing, project management, and technology of marketing the Mobile App.

Video Summary of Game Instructions:
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Course Visual Learning Roadmap to get ideas from:

The game has two phases:

The Marketing Plan Development phase and

The App Idea Acquisition phase.

Game Schedule:

Hours 1 and 2: Design the marketing for your Assigned App Concept using all the skills we have learned:
Then Negotiate with other teams to purchase needed services.
Then integrate the purchased content which they provided into your Marketing Collatoral.
The Service Provider must generate and deliver the agreed up service!
Work Product: Google Site, Trello Board: App Master General will post
At the Start of Class: Each Team will receive an App Idea that the must develop the Marketing Plan for.
Teams will report to the App Master General (me) of their purchases and sales: These will be recorded on the Game Google Sheet.


Teams will develop marketing plans for assigned app ideas and then compete to acquire the best-performing ideas.
The goal is to maximize the total earnings of the acquired apps.

Phase 1: Marketing Plan Development

Teams: Will be assigned by the Instructor.
App idea assignment: Assign each team a unique app idea or allow them to select from a list of ideas.
Marketing plan creation: Each team must create a comprehensive marketing plan for their assigned app, including target audience, promotional strategies, user acquisition, and monetization methods.
Set a deadline for submission: 1 hour into the Simulation. Teams will present their ideas via a TRELLO BOARD. Post the PUBLIC LINK in the Classroom Chat.
The components of the Marketing Plan can be purchased for Stated Amounts: Stated on the Trello Board. Each Team starts with 1000 Credits of a new Cryto Currency called BBC "BrownBearCoin"
Phase 2: App Idea Acquisition
Budget: Each team receives a virtual budget to purchase other teams' app ideas : Each Team starts with 1000 Credits of a new Cryto Currency called BBC "BrownBearCoin" : Which the App Master will record on the Simulation Google Sheet.
App idea valuation: Teams should review the marketing plans and earnings estimates of other teams' app ideas to determine their perceived value. The Seller can State the Price but like in the Real World: The Buyers can offer whatever they want: Seller can accept that price, reject it, or negotatiate.
App idea acquisition: The highest bidder for each app idea will acquire the app marketing component and deduct the bid amount from their budget. Teams cannot bid on their own app ideas.
Reinvestment: After each bidding round, teams can choose to reinvest any remaining budget in the next round to acquire additional app ideas.
End of the game: The game ends when all app ideas have been acquired or teams have exhausted their budgets.
Winning condition:
The team with the highest total earnings from their acquired app ideas at the end of the game is declared the winner.
The members of the Team that receives the highest INCOME will receive A Passing Grade in this Course.

Debrief and reflection:
After the game, encourage students to discuss their strategies, challenges, and lessons learned. This can help them reflect on the importance of marketing plans, valuation, and collaboration in the business world.

At the end of the game, you can keep the BBC you earned.

It is just IPO now, so give it a few months and it will be bigger than BitCoin.
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To enable seamless in-game integration, Brown Bear developed APIs that allowed game developers within the App Master Game Simulation to quickly and easily incorporate BrownBear Coins into their games. This facilitated the exchange of BrownBear Coins for in-game items, upgrades, and other digital assets, driving user engagement and fostering a sense of community among players.
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