Presenting your Technical Project

Learn the importance of teaching business presentation skills alongside the technical aspects of IT, programming, and database solutions.

WIL Presentation Skills Slack:

A comprehensive content format for the Work Integrated Learning Program that encompasses both technology and business presentation skills.
Problem Statement: Have the students clearly define the problem they intend to solve. This should include its significance, potential impact, and any existing challenges or limitations.
Technology Implementation: In this section, students will outline the technical aspects of their solutions. This should cover:
IT Infrastructure: Explain the hardware and software components required for their solution.
Programming: Describe the coding languages, frameworks, and methodologies used in their project.
Database Solution: Detail the structure, design, and functionality of the database, including data storage and retrieval methods.
What elements of the solution can be outsourced or provisioned via Infrastructure as a Service?

Business Impact:
Don’t tell me what you are DOING. Tell me the business problem that you are solving, and wrap the solution in the Business Value Delivery.
START by teaching me about the Business Domain you are building a solution for. Business leaders often learn new, unexpected structural dynamics of their business from their IT Architects.
Assess the business implications of the solutions. Consider factors like cost-effectiveness, scalability, and alignment with organizational goals.
Presentation Skills: In parallel with the presenting the technical content, use this a an area to practice effective presentation skills. This could include:
Effective Communication: Focus on clarity, conciseness, and audience engagement.
Visual Aids: Teach students how to create impactful visuals to complement their presentations.
Q&A and Feedback: Prepare them to handle questions and feedback professionally.

Look for ways to speak to both the Software Development aspects and Software Project Management Aspects of your Project:

Using the Unified Process Methodology of Agile Software Development:

After the Project has gone GA General Availability, in production use, consider the need to maintain it ongoing. This is called SRE Safety and Reliability Engineering.
Here is a case study of an organization that failed to do this:
South West Airlines:
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