MONGO DB LAB Workbook: Movies and Actors: Creating Predicate Joins

Learning Outcomes:

Using $lookup to correlate various collections.

Step 1: Create a Database containing this Data:

Actors JSON:
[ { "name": "Tom Cruise", "age": 59, "gender": "Male", "movies": ["Mission: Impossible", "Jack Reacher", "Top Gun"] }, { "name": "Angelina Jolie", "age": 46, "gender": "Female", "movies": ["Salt", "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", "Wanted"] }, { "name": "Jason Statham", "age": 53, "gender": "Male", "movies": ["The Transporter", "Crank", "Spy"] }, { "name": "Charlize Theron", "age": 45, "gender": "Female", "movies": ["Atomic Blonde", "Mad Max: Fury Road", "The Italian Job"] }, { "name": "Idris Elba", "age": 49, "gender": "Male", "movies": ["Luther", "Hobbs & Shaw", "The Dark Tower"] }, { "name": "Scarlett Johansson", "age": 36, "gender": "Female", "movies": ["Black Widow", "Lucy", "Ghost in the Shell"] }, { "name": "Chris Hemsworth", "age": 38, "gender": "Male", "movies": ["Extraction", "Thor", "Men in Black: International"] }, { "name": "Emily Blunt", "age": 38, "gender": "Female", "movies": ["Edge of Tomorrow", "Sicario", "The Girl on the Train"] }, { "name": "Matt Damon", "age": 50, "gender": "Male", "movies": ["The Bourne Identity", "Elysium", "The Martian"] }, { "name": "Gal Gadot", "age": 36, "gender": "Female", "movies": ["Wonder Woman", "Fast & Furious", "Keeping Up with the Joneses"] }]

Movies JSON:
[ { "title": "Mission: Impossible - Fallout", "year": 2018, "genre": ["Action", "Adventure", "Thriller"], "actors": ["Tom Cruise", "Rebecca Ferguson", "Henry Cavill"] }, { "title": "Salt", "year": 2010, "genre": ["Action", "Mystery", "Thriller"], "actors": ["Angelina Jolie", "Liev Schreiber", "Chiwetel Ejiofor"] }, { "title": "The Transporter", "year": 2002, "genre": ["Action", "Crime", "Thriller"], "actors": ["Jason Statham", "Qi Shu", "Matt Schulze"] }, { "title": "Atomic Blonde", "year": 2017, "genre": ["Action", "Mystery", "Thriller"], "actors": ["Charlize Theron", "James McAvoy", "John Goodman"] }, { "title": "Luther", "year": 2010, "genre": ["Crime", "Drama", "Mystery"], "actors": ["Idris Elba", "Dermot Crowley", "Michael Smiley"] }, { "title": "Black Widow", "year": 2021, "genre": ["Action", "Adventure", "Sci-Fi"], "actors": ["Scarlett Johansson", "Florence Pugh", "David Harbour"] }, { "title": "Extraction", "year": 2020, "genre": ["Action", "Thriller"], "actors": ["Chris Hemsworth", "Rudhraksh Jaiswal", "Randeep Hooda"] }, { "title": "Edge of Tomorrow", "year": 2014, "genre": ["Action", "Sci-Fi"], "actors": ["Emily Blunt", "Tom Cruise", "Bill Paxton"] }, { "title": "The Bourne Identity", "year": 2002, "genre": ["Action", "Mystery", "Thriller"], "actors": ["Matt Damon", "Franka Potente", "Chris Cooper"] }, { "title": "Wonder Woman", "year": 2017, "genre": ["Action", "Adventure", "Fantasy"], "actors": ["Gal Gadot", "Chris Pine", "Robin Wright"] }]

Write MONGODB code to list all the movies that Tom Cruise is in:
db.movies.find({ actors: "Tom Cruise" })
Student Exercise:
Extend this to using regex and wildcards, $gt, $lt

Correlate between the collections: Write db shell code to list all movies with a female actress
To list all movies with a female actress, you can use MongoDB's $lookup aggregation pipeline stage to join the movies collection with the actors collection based on the actors field.
db.movies.aggregate([ { $lookup: { from: "actors", localField: "actors", foreignField: "name", as: "actorsInfo" } }, {
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