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Concepts of Node.js
Node.js is C++ program that wraps Chromium V8: The Javascript intepeters
Node.js is an application development: provides a library of frameworks

Be able to write code for Express.js routes:
Discuss the concept of ROUTES and Routing in a Node.js program. How do ROUTES relate to Web Services?

Finish the Lab for Chat Client, and for Events

As a continuation of Web Technologies II, students design and implement component-based web applications using JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks. This course introduces students to the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) web stack. Students (1) develop software using modern JavaScript standards (ES6+); (2) develop web applications that maintain a NoSQL database; (3) implement applications adhering to the microservice architectural pattern by developing web API endpoints, and (4) develop applications that run on a variety of computing platforms. Students add to their term project in Web Technologies II by designing and implementing component-based applications that include client-side, server-side, and database processing.

Which of the following is not a part of the MERN stack?
a. MongoDB
b. Express.js

c. Redux
d. React.js
Which of the following is used in MERN stack for backend runtime environment?
a. Node.js
b. Angular.js
c. Vue.js
d. Django
In JavaScript ES6+, which keyword is used to declare a block-scoped local variable?
a. var
b. const
c. let
d. both b & c
True or False Questions:
True or False: JavaScript ES6+ supports classes, similar to traditional object-oriented languages.
True or False: Express.js is used in the MERN stack to build the frontend of the application.
True or False: In a NoSQL database like MongoDB, data is stored in a structured tabular format.
Short Answer Questions:
Describe the role of Node.js in the MERN stack.
What is a microservice architectural pattern and why is it beneficial?
Briefly explain what ES6+ brings to the JavaScript language compared to its previous versions.
Coding Questions:
Write a JavaScript ES6+ function that takes an array of numbers as input and returns the array sorted in ascending order.
Create an Express.js route that handles a GET request to "/users" and responds with a JSON object containing a list of users.
Write a React component called 'HelloWorld' that simply renders 'Hello, World!' on the screen.
Matchup the Concepts:
Match the following technologies with their roles in the MERN stack:
Match the following JavaScript ES6+ features with their descriptions:
Arrow Functions
Template Literals
Match the following terms with their definitions:
API Endpoints
Component-Based Applications
Mixed Questions:
What are the advantages of using a NoSQL database like MongoDB in a web application? Provide at least two reasons.
In the context of the MERN stack, how does React.js enhance the user experience on the client-side?
What is the importance of API endpoints in the development of web applications that adhere to the microservice architectural pattern?
Write a simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) API using Express.js and MongoDB.
Design a component-based application using React.js that includes at least three components. Describe each component's role and their relationship with each other.
come up with 20 questions about the Browser Object Model, HTML Document Object Model, JavaScript HTML DOM APIs, changing web page content with JavaScript
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ):
What is the root element of the HTML Document Object Model (DOM)?
Which of the following is NOT a part of the Browser Object Model (BOM)?
a. Window
b. Location
c. Document
d. History
Which JavaScript DOM API method is used to select an HTML element by its id?
True or False Questions:
True or False: The Browser Object Model (BOM) allows JavaScript to "talk" to the browser.
True or False: The document.write() function can be used to add content to an HTML document after the page has loaded.
True or False: In the HTML DOM, the Element object represents an HTML element.
Short Answer Questions:
Explain what is meant by the term "Document Object Model".
What role does the window object play in the Browser Object Model?
How does JavaScript interact with the HTML DOM?
Coding Questions:
Write a JavaScript function that uses the DOM API to change the text of a paragraph element with the id "myPara" to "Hello, World!".
Write a JavaScript function that adds a new item to an unordered list (<ul>) with the id "myList" using DOM API.
Write a JavaScript function that changes the color of all <h1> elements on a page to blue using the DOM API.
Matchup the Concepts:
Match the following BOM objects with their descriptions:
Match the following DOM methods with their functionalities:
Match the following JavaScript methods with their effects on the DOM:
Mixed Questions:
Describe the structure of the HTML DOM. How is it similar to a tree data structure?
What is the significance of the document object in the Browser Object Model (BOM)?
Explain how you would use JavaScript to add an event listener to a button on a webpage. What happens when the button is clicked?
Write a JavaScript function that uses the DOM API to toggle the visibility of an element with the id "myElement".
How can JavaScript be used to manipulate the CSS styles of an HTML element? Give an example.
20 questions about building the full stack, MVC, web application with Node, Ajax, jQuery, Express.js, MONGO, and JavaScript Objects
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ):
Which component in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture is responsible for rendering the user interface?
a. Model
b. View
c. Controller
d. Middleware
Which method in Express.js is used to create a POST route?
a. send()
b. get()
c. post()
d. put()
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