Marketing Plan Checklist for Mobile Application Development Capstone Project

Write a checklist of elements and items for the Marketing Plan MS1 for my Mobile Application Development Capstone project.
Students to use in making the marketing plan for their app.
How can CHATGTP can be used to play the role of a customer to help identify the most potent marketing messages and strategies
What you should be doing now:
Use effective team resource utilization:
Put some team members on the Video and the Story Board Powerpoint
Put some team members on finishing the Marketing Plan which includes:
Latex Document with all requirements elements (see my Latex document which I gave you the LINK to)
TRELLO Board with all requirements elements (see my Latex document which I gave you the LINK to)

1. Executive Summary

Brief overview of the marketing plan
Key objectives and goals
The purpose of a marketing plan is to teach potential buyers about WHY they should be excited to buy YOUR problem.
An Avator is an idealized abstraction of the kind of person who will want your product.

2. App Description

Detailed description of the app: Title and Description, Category, Keywords
Unique selling points (USPs)
Target audience and user personas
Big WHY: WHY will your users want this ? - What gains and benefits do they get from it?

3. Market Analysis

Market size and growth potential
Competitive Analysis: who else is doing this / why / how / keywords, description, product title

4. Marketing Objectives

Your Big Why? What will success for your App look like to you?
Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objectives
Key performance indicators (KPIs)

5. Target Audience Segmentation

Demographic segmentation
Psychographic segmentation
What is your Plan to keep your Users and not have Churned Users?

6. Marketing Strategies

Product strategy (features, pricing, and positioning)
Promotion strategy (channels and tactics): What are their go to market channels?
Distribution strategy (app stores, direct downloads, and other platforms)
Partnership and collaboration strategy
What is your ASO Plan

7. Go to Market / Marketing Channels

Pricing Strategy and Monetization Plan
Social media marketing
Content marketing
Influencer marketing
Email marketing
App store optimization (ASO)
Public relations and media outreach
Paid advertising (search, display, and social)
Referral and affiliate marketing

8. Marketing Budget

Marketing channel allocation
Return on investment (ROI) expectations

9. Marketing Calendar

Key marketing activities and milestones
Campaign timelines

10. Monitoring and Evaluation

Performance measurement tools and techniques
Analysis of KPIs
Adjustment of strategies based on performance

Keyword Research:

There are many keyword research tools available, both free and paid. Here are ten examples from the search results I found:
Keyword Generator
Answer The Public
Ahrefs Webmaster Tools
Google Keyword Planner
Moz Keyword Explorer
SEO PowerSuite
It's important to note that different tools may have different features and methods for conducting research 1, so it's worth trying out a few to see which one works best for your needs. Some of the tools mentioned above are free, while others require payment or offer limited free trials. Additionally, some of them may be more focused on SEO research, while others may include broader marketing or advertising capabilities.

Using CHATGTP,, as a Customer to Identify Potent Marketing Messages and Strategies

CHATGTP can be used to simulate customer interactions and test marketing messages and strategies in the following ways:
Testing marketing messages: Use CHATGTP to generate responses to your marketing messages, and analyze the reactions to identify which messages resonate best with your target audience.
Generating user personas: Ask CHATGTP to create detailed user personas based on your target audience, and use these personas to craft marketing messages and strategies specifically tailored to their needs and preferences.
Analyzing competitors: Ask CHATGTP to analyze your competitors' marketing strategies and suggest ways to differentiate your app and stand out in the market.
Social media engagement: Use CHATGTP to simulate social media conversations, and test your promotional messages and engagement strategies to see which ones generate the most interest and positive reactions.
Identifying potential influencers: Ask CHATGTP to recommend influencers in your niche who may be interested in promoting your app, and analyze their audience demographics and engagement rates to determine if they align with your target audience.
Developing content ideas: Use CHATGTP to generate content ideas for your blog, social media channels, and email campaigns that will attract your target audience and showcase the benefits and features of your app.
By leveraging CHATGTP's AI capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into your target audience's preferences and behaviors, allowing you to optimize your marketing messages and strategies for maximum impact.
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