MAD 5274 Mobile Capstone Project

Here are some questions I might ask you during your Project Interview.

MAD5274 Mobile Apps Capstone Project Scorecard Checklist
Introduction (10 points)
Clearly states project name
Identifies the purpose of the app
Mentions target audience and platform
Problem Statement and Solution (10 points)
Clearly defines the problem the app is addressing
Describes the unique solution offered by the app
Identifies gaps in existing market solutions
User Interface Design (15 points)
Presents a well-organized and visually appealing UI
Effectively utilizes color, typography, and layout principles
Ensures ease of use and accessibility for target audience
Demonstrates consistent design language across all screens
Technical Implementation (20 points)
Describes the architecture and technology stack used
Explains key algorithms and data structures
Demonstrates efficient use of resources (memory, battery, network)
Identifies and addresses potential performance bottlenecks
App Features and Functionality (20 points)
Outlines all key features and functionalities of the app
Clearly demonstrates how each feature adds value to the user
Ensures all features are functional and well-integrated
Showcases any innovative or unique aspects of the app
Testing and Quality Assurance (10 points)
Outlines the testing approach and methodologies used
Addresses any identified bugs or issues
Discusses steps taken to ensure app stability, performance, and security
Presents user feedback and/or beta testing results
Marketing and Monetization Strategy (10 points)
Describes target market and user acquisition strategy
Outlines any partnerships or collaborations
Presents pricing model or monetization plan, if applicable
Discusses plans for future growth and expansion
Presentation Skills (5 points)
Maintains a clear and engaging speaking style
Effectively uses visual aids and/or live demonstrations
Manages time well, avoiding unnecessary delays or interruptions
Professionally addresses questions and feedback from the audience

(This list is not complete - I could ask you ANYTHING related to the course, PowerPoint workbook, or what was in the worksheets: Add your own questions to practice, based on those inputs, to this list):

Git ISSUES / demonstrate working with them
Traceability Matrix
User stories

Marketing Plan
Ideal users

Effective Business Communication Pattern:
Statement: Our team’s app had the purpose of being a Portal for pet owners to order custom made, tailer made pet clothing
Specification/Detail/ Reason WHY I am doing this: Pet owners spend $5,000,000 a year on Pet Accessories.
And we diffentified that there was a substantial profit to be made in this market.
Impact Statement to Listener: Therefore Mr. Investor, this business is a great investment as people will continue to spend large amounts of money on their pets.

Can you briefly describe the main purpose and functionality of your mobile app?
What inspired you to choose this particular project idea?
Which programming languages and frameworks did you use for this project?
You should have available: GIT, presentation material
How did you ensure that your app is user-friendly and accessible?
Can you walk us through the process of setting up the development environment for this project?
Demonstration: Show us the app's user interface and explain the design choices you made.
What were the major challenges you faced during the development process, and how did you overcome them?
How did you handle data storage and retrieval in your app? Please provide examples of the databases or APIs you used.
Demonstration: Show us how your app handles user authentication and security.
Can you explain the app's overall architecture and how different components interact with each other?
How did you test and debug your app? Can you share any testing tools or strategies you used?
Demonstration: Present a specific feature or functionality that you are particularly proud of and explain your implementation.
How did you ensure your app's performance and responsiveness on various devices and platforms?
Can you discuss any third-party libraries or services you used and their roles in your project?
How did you approach problem-solving and troubleshooting during the development process?
Demonstration: Explain any animations or transitions in your app and how they enhance the user experience.
What would you do differently if you were to start this project from scratch?
What are your plans for future improvements or expansions of your app?
Can you share any valuable lessons you learned from this project that will help you in future endeavors?
Demonstration: Show us how your app handles potential errors or unexpected user inputs gracefully.
This course has been primarily about ________
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