LI Blog Post: Embeddings

You will write a blog on what Embeddings are in the AI model:
What is an Embedding?
How do we make an Embedding?
How do we use this Embedding in our Generative AI Language model.
You will post your article on your Linked In profile.
Put the url into the class discussion forum:
Use research assets (chatgpt,,
1. Tell the AI what its role is.
2. Context
3. What you want.
4. specify the output format.

You are an experienced AI application developer with experience in constructing layered AI Architectures.
Write an SEO Linked In Blog article to address these questions. The context is to favorably impressive business managers and hiring decision managers with my knowledge so I will be hired into a great job with a top company like TD Bank, Royal Bank, or others.
Questions to address:
What is an embedding?
How to make one: show python examples.
Teach how to make a generative AI model for use by a company trained on their own data, for use by their own internal team members.
Write this article to appeal to the language, world view and psychometrics of senior business leaders and managers to teach them how to do their job better. Optimize for easy of reading and absorption by business people. Provide an SEO optimized title and a TLDR summary.

When post, post your LI BLOG URL in the class discussion forum.
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