F23 IN4023 Lab 1 - Setting up the Strategic Outsourcing Service for the Virtual Data Center

Hand In for this Lab:

Create a text file, one per Team, named as your TEAMName.txt.
Into this text file, put:
Team members’ names, student ids, college email addresses.
The LINK to your TELLO Board. Add as a Board Member.
Save and close this file and upload it to:

Grading Rubric for Lab 1:

Answers each question fully (5 points each)
Provides clear and relevant examples (5 points each)
Demonstrates understanding of key concepts (5 points each)
Writing is clear, organized and free of errors (5 points)
Score: 25-30 Points: Exceeds Expectations
The response thoroughly answers each question with well-chosen, relevant examples that clearly demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts related to virtual data centers. Writing is well-organized, clear and free of errors. This work clearly goes above and beyond expectations.
20-24 Points: Meets Expectations The response adequately answers each question and provides relevant examples, showing an understanding of most key concepts. Writing is organized with minimal errors. This work meets all assignment requirements.
15-19 Points: Approaching Expectations
The response answers most questions and provides some examples, but understanding of concepts may be incomplete or examples could be more relevant. Writing is generally clear but could be better organized and may contain some errors. Additional work is needed to fully meet expectations.
14 Points or Less: Does Not Meet Expectations
The response is incomplete, answers few questions fully, lacks relevant examples or demonstrates gaps in understanding of key concepts. Writing requires improvement in clarity, organization or contains significant errors. This work does not adequately address the assignment requirements.

Purpose of this Lab:

Set up your Team Trello Board.

Provide answers on your TRELLO Board to the following questions:

5 questions for students to address in your Team Trello Board for Lab 1:

What are some of the key business drivers pushing organizations to adopt virtual data centers? How can virtualization help companies become more agile and responsive? Go and research some case study companies to reference.
Discuss some of the technical benefits of virtual data centers, such as improved resource utilization, operational efficiency, and business continuity. Provide examples to illustrate these benefits.
As a cloud/virtualization specialist, what skills and experience would you highlight to show how you could help a company successfully implement and manage a virtual data center?
The article mentions virtual data centers can reduce hardware costs by up to 40%. In your opinion, what are some other potential cost savings from adopting this technology? Another factor other than hardware is SRE: Safety and Reliability Engineering: Case Study: South West Airlines:
What security and compliance considerations should IT leaders keep in mind when implementing a virtual data center? How can risks be mitigated?
For the simulation, key points to convey about virtual data centers are increased talent access, higher hardware/software utilization, and reduced costs. Participants should factor these benefits into their services buy/sell scenarios and business strategy.
Review and get clear on your Company’s Mission Statement by developing your Trello Board.
In this class, for all 14 Weeks, you will be running an IT Services Outsourcing Provider.

In our Lab One business simulation worth 5% of your final mark.

You and your team well be responsible for provisioning the IT environment infrastructural services for your company. You will have a certain budget and a Plan to deliver.

For Lab 1: I want to see Teaming and Collaboration in the TRELLO Board.

Come up with a team leadership dynamic that fully engages the interests, enthusiasm, and contributions of all team members.

Your Final Course grade will be assigned based on how many of your scorecard metrics you achieve including staying within your budget.
To deliver on this requirement you will need to negotiate with other teams to purchase and sell services for your companies.

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