IOS MAD 3115 W23 Remedial Class Course Work book

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Work Submission Uploads Dropbox

Lab Test 1 Done March 16 : 100%
Lab Test 2 Scheduled for April 6
Project Due: April 20
Final Exam: April 20
We have 4 more days including March 30

Class Day 6: March 30
Activity Worksheet:


We did Lab Test 1 on Day 6
Lab Test 2 will be April 6: In person
Final Exam April 20
Project Due April 20
In the April 6 class, we will do the Class at College for Lab Test 2.
We will discuss the project:
If you have any ideas of what you would like to do for the project, let me know.


Project Description: We will develop this in the next few days.

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