INFO 6103 Course Overview Video

This resource page provides an overview of my experiences of teaching learners at the college level about how to do object-oriented analysis and design, and how to build thinking and conceptual skills to build Service Oriented Architectures.
In the 1990s and 2000s, we used Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP servers to return TEXT (HTML files) in response to URL requests.
The emerging standard is to use JAX RS to construct SOAP (simple object access protocol_ Servers that return OBJECTS (more than just text) in response to a client application request. This enables the construction of Web Rich Content Applications WRCAs that will provision for the IT delivery infrastructure needs of emerging standards such as Facebook’s new Metaverse Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality tools building platform.

Enterprise Systems Modeling overview video:

Enterprise Modeling Resources:

INFO6103 Course Workbook:

Arcitura SOA Certification Exam:

How to do Unified Process and UML:

My recommendation is to introduce students to the UML way of thinking about computational systems from the First Day of their First Java Course.

Lexical Analysis:

The Platform and The Pipeline:

This is material from other courses I teach. I assert that it is absolutely essential that our students should emerge into the Workplace with a solid literacy in these concepts:
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My course Material on Java Programming:

The Evolution of Informatics Systems Paradigms:

My library of Information Systems topics. Introduce elements as appropriate to provide enrichment content for student questions:

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