In-Class Activity: Cyber Crimes and Security Infographics


The goal of this activity is to solidify your understanding of computer crimes (types of attacks, types of attackers and their modivations) and security topics discussed in class.
You will create an infographic using Canva that answers five relevant questions about a chosen topic. Once completed, you'll share your work by uploading the link to your Trello board.


Select a Topic: Choose one of the topics provided below. Each topic pertains to a different aspect of computer crimes and security.
Script Kiddies {You can buy these on the Dark Web: Pre-written malware to attack a target} and their Impact
Cyber Criminals: An Inside Look: Kinds of attackers and their motivations
Hacktivists: Modern Day Robin Hoods or Threat? Recall the youtube video about the Anonymous Hacker Group
The Invisible Threat: State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks (Study what North Korea does)
Insider Threats: Breach from Within
The I LOVE YOU Worm: A Case Study
Salami Slicing Fraud: The New York City Bank Case Study
Dark Web and Cyber Crime: Understanding Crime Inc.
Ransomware: An Emerging Threat
Phishing Attacks: Methods and Prevention
Research: Tools: ​
Conduct a brief research about the selected topic. Look for answers to the following questions:
What is the main concept behind the topic?
What is a significant case related to this topic?
What is the potential impact of this issue on businesses?
How can businesses protect themselves from this issue?
What is a real-world example that demonstrates this topic?
Design Your Infographic: Using Canva (, design an infographic that visually represents the answers to the five questions above. Make sure your infographic is clear, visually appealing, and informative.
Share Your Work: After creating the infographic, click on the '...' button on the top right corner of your screen, select 'Publish/Download', then 'Get shareable link'.
Upload on Trello: Go to your Trello board. Create a new card under the relevant list. Title it with your name and chosen topic (e.g., "John Doe - Cyber Criminals: An Inside Look"). Paste the Canva link into the card description.
Reflection: Write a brief reflection in the Trello card about what you learned from the activity and any thoughts you have about the topic.


This activity will be graded on the accuracy and thoroughness of the information, the aesthetic quality of the infographic, and the thoughtfulness of the reflection.

Remember, the purpose of this activity is to reinforce the concepts learned in class and deepen your understanding of cyber crimes and security. Happy researching and designing!

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